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Juicing is a daily ritual, intention put into action, I give to myself for my health and self care. I recently purchased the Nama J2 juicer and could not be happier with my investment. Not having the time is a lame excuse, especially with the...

Raw Vegan Pie Recipe

Being a raw vegan does not mean you have to give up sweets. I consider them a treat and find satisfaction in small amounts, like with this pie I made to celebrate my Birthday with loved ones. Raw desserts are certainly much healthier than sugar...

Home Made Salsa Recipe and Health Benefits

This is one of my favorites. Most people I know love a good Salsa. It can be a great appetizer, or the main meal. There are so many healing foods in this recipe, and home made salsa is more satisfying than anything store bought. The...

Raw Vegan Ceasar Salad Recipe Favorite

Salads are my favorite meals! I sometimes add healthy fats like in this ceasar salad recipe, and I always nourish my body loading my salads with tons of leafy greens. There are so many salad combinations that I love and I look forward to sharing...

Being RawVegan Doesn’t Have To Be Weird. Recipe Included.

Eating Raw Vegan doesn’t have to be lonely, or obsessive, or weird to our friends, co-workers, or loved ones. It can be very inclusive and non-judgmental. If you find you are getting made fun of or teased, just hold your head up and keep your heart strong. If you find yourself getting emotionally engaged with animal rights and activism while your co-worker or lover is eating a turkey sandwich, relax! This is not the way to approach our meat eating loved ones. Let go of the judgement. It will just cause discomfort, disconnection, and turn others off. It is hypocritical, if we are choosing this diet to become more peaceful and then allow ourselves to get all worked up.

Benefits of Juicing and the RawVegan Lifestyle

Juicing is an easy way to get tons of raw organic veggies and fruits into our bodies. When we juice we assist our bodies in digestion to allow full assimilation of enzymes, vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. When our bodies receive this gift of Nature our immune systems boost, and our body’s vitality increases. Once our bodies begin to realize that they are getting the nutrition they deserve they start to detox fat and toxic storages. With the help of colon hydrotherapy to assist the intestines in releasing the sludge from processed foods that build up on the intestinal walls, our bodies begin to directly assimilate RawFood nutrients, and heal from leaky gut, and other life threatening dis-eases. Juicing is an easy power packed way to get incredible health outcomes and hydration from fruits and veggies.  Juicing allows for variety and exploration of recipes and food combinations. It is easy, colorful, and fun!

Make your own NutMilks! RawFoods Recipe!

A healthy alternative to soy and cow milk products!  Processed almond and coconut milks in the grocery stores still have some strange and scary ingredients!   Making your own nut milks can offer you full awareness of all the ingredients you are ingesting. Making your own...