Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master Teacher,
Licensed Psychotherapist,
Raw Foods Educator

Organic Lifestyle and Integrative Health Coach

About Shannon


Jivamukti / Power / Yin / Hot Yoga

Shannon is a certified Jivamukti, Power, Yin, Restorative, Vinyasa, and Hot yoga instructor. She has been practicing yoga for over 25 years, is humbled by the depth of tradition, and disciplined to continue the practice.

Shannon has been sharing her practice and what she has learned from her teachers, David Life, Sharon Gannon, Libbie Mathis, etc., for over 20 years, and for 12 years incorporated her love for sharing the yoga and meditation practice into the health care system through Yampa Valley Medical Center, Denver Health, 9News Health Fairs, Centennial Peaks Psychiatric Hospital, Extended Hands of Hope home for children recovered from sex trafficking, and working on a referral basis with private medical, integrative health, psychiatric, group homes, and chiropractic practices.

She has also incorporated her love for sharing yoga into the educational system and taught semester yoga courses for 7 years at Colorado Mountain College in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. As well as, worked as a contract yoga instructor in local schools and corporate businesses. She has experience leading successful retreats and loves the opportunities for travel that yoga allows her.

Shannon has just completed her first book titled, The Alchemy of Yoga: A Psychology Akin to Magic, which will be published in 2021, and is currently available in PDF form through this website. You can also find several of Shannon’s publications on topics such as yoga, psychology, human development, philosophy, health, organic lifestyle, nutrition, etc. on platforms such as Yoga Download, and Sivana East.

Shannon is now working as an entrepreneur and seeing clients privately for Organic Lifestyle and Integrative Health Coaching. She has launched several wellness packages available for purchase, and is teaching online classes weekly via Zoom.

Yoga videos are for sale and subscription memberships available for recorded classes via Vimeo.  More information available in yoga schedule tab.


Eclectic Psychotherapy

Eclectic psychotherapy selects what is valid or useful from all available theories, methods, and practices.  The eclectic approach rejects adherence to any one school or system, and instead utilizes what is most valid or relevant from the whole therapeutic spectrum.  It is composed of contributions from many different sources, used according to whether they are valid, applicable, and indicated.  The eclectic method thereby becomes a basic scientific approach to the problem or matching suitable clinical methods to the needs of specific cases.

Shannon is a Psychotherapist through the Colorado State Board of Regulatory Agencies.
License Number: NLC.0105893

In Office Psychotherapy Rates:

$150/hour for Individual

$200/hour for Couples and Family (Up to 3 clients). Rates increase $25 per  4th and 5th client. Maximum family therapy limit is 5 clients.

TeleHealth Rates through Zoom/Skype/FaceTime:

10% off service when online

30 Minute Sessions available for $80

Out of Office Large Group/Corporate Rates:

$250-$500/hour for large groups and Corporate groups with over 5 people. Includes Assessments, Conflict Mediation and Resolutions, Leadership Consulting, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Trainings, and Group Dynamics Workshops. Sessions will be customized to meet group’s needs.

* $5 per minute fees if session goes overtime *

Shannon has experience and enjoys working within Medical, Psychiatric, and Educational environments facilitating group psychotherapy sessions and inspirational speaking.

Special Rates for public talks on New Book Release and Promotions


Energetic Healing

Reiki is the wisdom healing tradition of channeling energy into the aura through “laying of hands” technique to assist in subtle, physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual health. Reiki assists in identifying the roots of our problems, so as to allow us to see the lessons our life is trying to communicate to us. Our bodies have an electro-magnetic energy field (aura) that many scientists and medical practitioners will confirm. The aura, chakra/nadi system, and energy vortexes cannot be seen by most physical eyes, however they can definitely be sensed and seen through the disciplined clairvoyant eye.

Reiki can benefit recipients through it’s single-pointed focused healing intentions, practitioner touch, and attention. Reiki has an intelligence of it’s own and it’s mysterious essence, once experienced, will calm any anxiety and apprehension of the treatment. Reiki is an experiential healing technique. One will not be able to know unless they try it. Seeing and admitting the truths about ourselves, and our roles in creating our own problems is vital for our healing and a goal of the empowerment force of Reiki.

See Reiki Therapy tab for What to Expect in a Reiki Session, and Session Rates

Distant Reiki Healing and Trainings available via ZOOM. See Yoga Schedule Tab for Distant Reiki Circle schedule

See Certifications tab for Reiki Trainings, Course Descriptions, and Rates

See Karuna Reiki tab to learn more about this non-traditional Reiki technique and Certification. Must be a Reiki Master to certify in Karuna Reiki

Shannon Connell