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Functional Medicine Coaching

People don’t move to action because of statistics. They move to action because of their hearts. We are hardwired with empathy neurons, billions of them, and human beings are evolutionarily programmed to help one another.” -Rivera Sun

We are currently observing an Autoimmune Epidemic with over 80 Million people diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, and many more suffering undiagnosed.

As a Functional Medicine Counselor my goal is to fill in the Gaps of the health care system, and develop a therapeutic partnership with my clients, and my client’s medical teams to investigate the root cause of disease and find resolutions, to help fill the knowledge gaps between Doctors and patients through education, to help fill the time gaps between medical visits and interventions, and to work with the science of the biological systems (ex. the interconnectedness between the brain and gut, how the liver affects hormones, diet and environmental triggers, etc.). I aspire to inspire my clients into lifestyle and behavioral modifications to support their body’s unique bio-individuality toward good health outcome, and increased quality of life.

The goal of Functional Medicine is to get to the root.

“Everything is connected. We are all unique.”
-Andrea Nakayama

We know from Omics that nothing in Biology is singular, segregated, or deterministic. We know from Precision Medicine that individualized interventions work best. We know from Epigenetics that the factors that influence our genetic expression matter more than the genes themselves.

My goal as a Functional Medicine practitioner is to power my practice with frameworks over formulas such as: client story over statistics, process versus prescriptions, personal evidence versus study evidence, dynamic approaches versus static approaches.

Health is dynamic and it is important to have a health care team that understands and listens to what is going on in your life, and what is going on inside your body.

Main triggers that inspire active autoimmune disease are issues with genes, digestion, and inflammation. It is important clients suffering with autoimmune disease receive guidance that not only address the diagnosis, but also address the environment in which the disease exists (internal, external, diet, lifestyle, stress, sleep, hydration, relationships, resilience, etc.).

It can be incredibly helpful to have a Functional Medicine counselor guide you through the non-negotiables; from deficiency to sufficiency, and to assist you in the dismantling of dysfunction.

All conditions exist in an environment. When you shift the environment, the symptoms shift, the roots get dismantled, and the diagnosis may even disappear.

Shannon licensed as a FMNC in 2022 and is available to clients for:

Advanced testing.

Comprehensive labs and specialty testing let us go deeper to provide a better understanding of you and your health.

Client-first care.

Taking time to talk about your genetics, history, lifestyle, and symptoms provide a complete view and a path forward.

Whole-body approach.

Care based on nutrition and lifestyle modifications, stress management, supplements, and that is developed to help you live healthy.

Rates and Treatment Plan/Details will be determined post Consultation.

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