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Juicing is a daily ritual, intention put into action, I give to myself for my health and self care. I recently purchased the Nama J2 juicer and could not be happier with my investment. Not having the time is a lame excuse, especially with the new technology in juicers. It is quick, easy, and a habit that will add quality and health to your life. I juice 2-3x per week, and always have fresh cold press fruit and vegetable juices available. Juice stays fresh for 3-5 days when stored in glass jars. So I juice a bulk of my juices to last me for a couple days and then do it again when I am out.

Juicing is an easy way to get tons of raw organic veggies and fruits into our bodies. When we juice we assist our bodies in digestion to allow full assimilation of enzymes, vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. When our bodies receive this gift of Nature our immune systems boost, and our body’s vitality increases. Once our bodies begin to realize that they are getting the nutrition they deserve they start to detox fat and toxic storages. Juicing is an easy power packed way to get incredible health outcomes and hydration from fruits and veggies.  Juicing allows for variety and exploration of recipes and food combinations. It is easy, colorful, and fun!

My go to recipes are in alignment with the seasonal produce available, but always include a variety of fruit juices and green juices. Currently I am juicing watermelon, a citrus juice (grapefruit and orange), pineapple juice, and green juices which usually are a combination of celery, kale, spinach, chard, apple or lime to taste.

When we juice fresh organic fruits and veggies in a cold press juicer we are not destroying any enzymes, minerals, vitamins, or nutrients. We are not taking in unknown preservatives, fillers, or additives like in most store bought juices. We also are not contributing to environmental toxins and waste from packaging.

Juice allows the body to relax digestion processes and for the body to directly assimilate all nutrients into the blood stream and cells. When we adapt juicing into our meals we experience amazing energy, and clarity in our breathing, our eyes, skin and mentality reflect the nourishment.

When we give our bodies the proper nutrients to feed our cells, our cells begin to release toxins and fat that has been stored. We vitalize our whole being and let go of all the toxic things that make us sick, tired, living in a mental fog.

I wake up and instead of coffee or caffeine I have a citrus juice or a melon juice. This awakens my digestive system and provides amazing energy to start my day.

I drink green juices in the mid day before a large salad and in the late afternoon, early evening before preparing for rest. There are so many delicious juice combos that we can explore that make this healthy and colorful diet fun and new.

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