Energetic Healing

Reiki is the wisdom healing tradition of channeling energy into the aura through “laying of hands” technique to assist in subtle, physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual health. Reiki assists in identifying the roots of our problems, so as to allow us to see the lessons our life is trying to communicate to us. Our bodies have an electro-magnetic energy field (aura) that many scientists and medical practitioners will confirm. The aura, chakra/nadi system, and energy vortexes cannot be seen by most physical eyes, however they can definitely be sensed and seen through the disciplined clairvoyant eye.

Reiki can benefit recipients through it’s single-pointed focused healing intentions, practitioner touch, and attention. Reiki has an intelligence of it’s own and it’s mysterious essence, once experienced, will calm any anxiety and apprehension of the treatment. Reiki is an experiential healing technique. One will not be able to know unless they try it. Seeing and admitting the truths about ourselves, and our roles in creating our own problems is vital for our healing and a goal of the empowerment force of Reiki.

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Shannon Connell