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Benefits of Juicing and the RawVegan Lifestyle

Benefits of Juicing and the RawVegan Lifestyle

Juicing is an easy way to get tons of raw organic veggies and fruits into our bodies. When we juice we assist our bodies in digestion to allow full assimilation of enzymes, vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. When our bodies receive this gift of Nature our immune systems boost, and our body’s vitality increases. Once our bodies begin to realize that they are getting the nutrition they deserve they start to detox fat and toxic storages. With the help of colon hydrotherapy to assist the intestines in releasing the sludge from processed foods that build up on the intestinal walls, our bodies begin to directly assimilate RawFood nutrients, and heal from leaky gut, and other life threatening dis-eases. Juicing is an easy power packed way to get incredible health outcomes and hydration from fruits and veggies.  Juicing allows for variety and exploration of recipes and food combinations. It is easy, colorful, and fun!

During my time living and working at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Patagonia, Arizona, I observed incredible healings from chronic disease, inflammation, diabetes, weight loss, arthritis, depression, and other mental and physical health challenges. Patients would come to the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center with poor prognosis, some being told major surgery, chemotherapies, and pharmaceuticals were their only options for survival. I am so inspired by those who listened to the whispers in their hearts cheering them on to seek a more holistic path towards regaining their health, and their bravery to commit to a juicing and detoxing regimen. I remember watching people literally come back to life! I saw their life force shine through diagnoses of cancer, etc., and prevail! It was an incredible time of my life to share yoga and meditation with these brave people, and to work growing and harvesting their food. It may have been my happiest time in life so far. The connection to the land, Earth and Spirit was synced. I however felt a pull back to Colorado and to share with others, as everyone at the Tree of Life was totally on board with RawFoods. My own health and vitality increases daily by adding juicing to my RawVegan diet.

Dr. Gabriel Cousens, our mentor at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, also taught us of the spiritual opening RawFoods and juicing allures.  When we consume processed foods, especially animal products, our bodies biologically have to use our own enzyme reserves to create digestion, which leads us to depletion, and over time fatigue, adrenal burnout, obesity, heart disease, etc.  We also are consuming the energy of the beings enslaved for food. Their terror is released into their meat via hormones, and their cells are filled with pain, slavery, rape, and exploitation. When we consume RawFoods, we do not use our enzyme reserves to digest. We are gaining new enzymes! We are also advocating for the rights of our fellow beings we are sharing this planet with. Through eating RawVegan my sensitivity to Nature, and it’s spirits, has increased. I believe the harvesting of fruits and veggies to be a more peaceful lifestyle, with a much more peaceful impact on our environment. Unfortunately, there is now so much poison in our agricultural businesses, not only with animal agriculture, but in plant agriculture as well. It is truly heartbreaking for me to see so many agribusiness practices in my home state of Colorado, and native country of America.

As a therapist and energy healer who works with color and the psychology of the chakra system, I have found that eating RawVegan is another way to heal deeply with the rainbow of the spirits of color. For example, if there is an energy deficiency in the root/Muladhara chakra, it is helpful to eat red and root foods such as beets, radishes, etc. I have even in my own journey, in community with my Be-ing, gotten to the point where I crave the foods that my body and spirit are seeking for nutrients. Often times, I am inspired by color in my meal preparation.

My desire is to share the joys of this peaceful eating practice and inspire healing. My Highest inspiration is working with Nature in veganic food cultivation. At the Tree of Life gardens we followed veganic gardening practices and had no problems with pests or growth. We used cover cropping and veganic fertilizers used in combination with our compost. Our harvests went beyond our community’s needs, and we were donating our produce to local schools, and organizations.

Currently I am not living in community, nor do I have my own land to cultivate food. I do my best to buy only organic, non GMO produce, and when possible support farmer’s markets and local farms. I feel very blessed to have friends with gardens, and to assist interested people with land in starting their food gardens. When I do purchase produce from a grocery store, such as Wholefoods, Alfalfas, Vitamin Cottage, etc. I make sure to not only wash my produce with clean water, but I wash my produce energetically. Clearing my food of any negative energy that it had traveled through upon arriving in my home/body. I give thanks.

Juicing is an incredible bridge to get going on the healing benefits of plant foods!

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