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Reiki Therapy

Reiki is not like massage. The body will never be manipulated. Recipients are to remain fully clothed and advised to wear comfortable clothing. Recipients lay on a massage table and are guided into a relaxed state of consciousness through meditation, guided breathing techniques, calming environment, trusting relationship with practitioner, singing bowls, and soft playing music. The energy of the Reiki treatment will stay with the recipient for several days. Reiki works with all four bodies: Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual. Clients may experience cleanse like results from the treatment. During the treatment many report feeling warmth, tingling sensation, sense of others being present in the room, visions or memories of special loved ones, unexplainable emotion, deep relaxation, etc. Unfortunately, Reiki has not yet received the Western scientific attention and credibility it deserves.

There has been great scientific studies conducted by many esteemed professionals, yet very few journal publications and credits. Most research is found in books on Reiki. Reiki is such a radical (getting to the root) healing technique that it challenges current systems and beliefs. Shannon offers a pre and post treatment quantitative survey for those who are willing to participate as a means to contribute to more clinical research for this brilliant psychosomatic healing technique. Shannon has witnessed amazing results, and includes Reiki as a major piece of her personal health maintenance regime.

Reiki is pure Divine love and can never be used for harm. It may overwhelm, but our essence will always reveal to us our heart’s prayer, and this is good for our health! Just like the systems in the physical body (respiratory, cardiovascular, immune, digestive, etc.) communicate and interact to keep us alive, the Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual bodies communicate and interact, and are vital to our physical health. The bio-medical model is good for treating symptoms, but the underlying root cause if not healed will still be vulnerable to reveal itself again and again and again. Reiki is a bio-psycho-social-spiritual model that supports the union of science and spirituality. Reiki benefits people of all beliefs and supports all religion. Please remember it is pure love. As my Reiki Master Teacher Marnie Vincolisi of Light Internal says, “Reiki is Love, How can you mess it up?”

The Love is infinite.

REIKI Sessions

Initial Consultation $150 (90 minute)

60 Minute -$100
90 Minute -$150
2 Hour -$200

$5 per minute fees if session goes overtime

Distant Reiki Healing Sessions via Zoom

Initial Consultation $150 (90 minute)

Distant Reiki via ZOOM

30 Minute Tune Up-$55

60 Minute-$100

90 Minute-$150

2 Hour-$200