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Home Made Salsa Recipe and Health Benefits

Home Made Salsa Recipe and Health Benefits

This is one of my favorites. Most people I know love a good Salsa. It can be a great appetizer, or the main meal. There are so many healing foods in this recipe, and home made salsa is more satisfying than anything store bought. The ingredients are accessible in local organic health food stores year round, and can easily be grown in your home garden.

What I most love about this Salsa recipe is that it can be easily adapted for everybody at the table. For Raw Vegans, you can add avocados, and Ice Burg lettuce to get some great crunch, or dehydrate your own raw vegan tortilla chips.

Fresh salsa has tons of vitamins and minerals for vital health.

Tomatoes are packed with Vitamin C and K, Potassium and Folate.

Red pepper is rich in Vitamin A and C, to support eye and skin health, and boost white blood cells for healthy cell growth.

Red Onion fights inflammation, has tons of antioxidants, and supports the immune system in fighting microbes and bacteria. Did you know red onions are a prebiotic? This means they are a food source for the healthy bacteria in your gut. They are also a great source of Vitamin B6, C, and Manganese (important for connective tissue, bones, and hormones).

Lemons are another great source of Vitamin C, boost the immune system, and support iron absorption (which is so important for us vegans and raw vegans). Lemons are also a good source of Pectin, an important soluble fiber for digestive health.

Guess what healing benefits are in Green Chili?

Green chili is packed with Vitamin C!

This recipe is perfect to add to your week for glowing skin, good digestion, and immune support.

This is also a fruitarian recipe if you leave out the red onion and ice berg lettuce. If fruitarian you can use cucumbers for your crunch instead of ice burg lettuce. I love giving myself long durations on fresh organic fruit to clean out my lymphatic system and kidneys.

Let’s get started!


4-5 tomatoes preferable on the vine

2 lemons squeezed, watch out for seeds

1/2 large red onion

1 red pepper

2-5 green chillies to taste (sometimes its fun to have that kick!)

real salt

1 avocado per person

ice burg lettuce for the raw vegans

favorite gluten free tortilla chip for the vegans, etc. (if there is a gluten free option, it benefits all diets. Gluten, even if tolerated, creates gut permeability, and is a major culprit to inflammation and oxidative stress). For those that can tolerate gluten it is still suggested to be discerning with consumption. Think Eat to Live.

Get to chopping friends!

Mix all ingredients into a bowl, besides the avocado and lettuce (unless you are serving as a salad, which is how I eat this recipe often).

Sprinkle salt to taste, and don’t be shy. Salt has a lot of important electrolytes helping with fluid balance, nerve, and muscle functioning.

Add any other favorite ingredients. For example, garlic is a common salsa ingredient.

This will keep for a couple days and can be adapted to create other recipes. It’s a happy day in my home when there is fresh salsa. InJOY.

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