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FMNC : Functional Medicine Nutritional Counseling

The only solution to our healthcare crises is a new kind of practitioner.

Excited to share I’m back in school studying Functional Medicine, Autoimmunity, and Nutrition, because too many are suffering without enough care.

Did you know most autoimmune patients have seen an average of 4 doctors and spent an average of 3 years, and tens of thousands of dollars before getting a diagnosis?

Or even worse not getting a diagnosis.

What is challenging with most autoimmune diseases is that lab and test biomarkers may be within a normal range, so further testing or exploration may cease, and patients continue to silently suffer, and loose hope. Does this sound familiar?

Often times there are multiple branches of symptoms, even multiple diagnosis, which all stem from the same root cause.

This is where Functional Medicine and Nutrition can help. In Functional Medicine the health care practitioner partners with the client to investigate all aspects of the client’s lifestyle, diet, exercise, stress levels, current events, past traumas, etc.

In Functional Medicine and Nutritional Counseling the practitioner works with the client to modify lifestyle, educates the client on the importance of organic whole food nutrition, food combining, food sensitivity, supplementation (enzymes, probiotics, etc.), and empowers the client with education on the biology and physiology of the body, the interconnectedness of all systems of the body, and in partnership come to understanding of what is going on in there. Creating a partnership approach to health care, which has the highest success rate!

Everything is connected. We are all unique. All things matter. Bio individuality is crucial and what we eat is one of the few resources most of us have complete control over and access to.

Do you know what you are putting into your body, how it effects your body, and it’s effects on your future life’s quality?

Many of us don’t know these things and trust that if the product is on the market it is safe. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. I encourage you to explore more into the food you eat and the products you use in your home, or on your body. I am so excited to share with you educational tips, information about nutrition, recipes, and some of my favorite companies, and products through my Blog/Vlog section under FMNC.

“There comes a time when humanity is called to shift to new levels of consciousness. That time is always now.”- Wangari Maathai

Please keep me in mind for you and your loved one’s health care support.

Let’s fill in the Gaps!

Until I complete my licensure and can offer a comprehensive support for you, please consider consulting with my healthcare collaborative at https://keewellness.com/

We as a collective can help now.

God Bless,