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Being RawVegan Doesn’t Have To Be Weird. Recipe Included.

Being RawVegan Doesn’t Have To Be Weird. Recipe Included.

Eating Raw Vegan doesn’t have to be lonely, or obsessive, or weird to our friends, co-workers, or loved ones. It can be very inclusive and non-judgmental. If you find you are getting made fun of or teased, just hold your head up and keep your heart strong. If you find yourself getting emotionally engaged with animal rights and activism while your co-worker or lover is eating a turkey sandwich, relax! This is not the way to approach our meat eating loved ones. Let go of the judgement. It will just cause discomfort, disconnection, and turn others off. It is hypocritical, if we are choosing this diet to become more peaceful and then allow ourselves to get all worked up.

Yes, it is great for the environment and sustainability. Yes, it is a more peaceful lifestyle. Yes, it provides for the body detoxification in an increasing toxic world. And yes, it is a path towards yoga. Yet, eating raw vegan, vegan, vegetarian, organic doesn’t have to come with the stigma that intimidates our meat eating loved ones. It is all about how we present it. Stay positive and excited. It is not our business to judge or preach to others. If they ask about it, great! Tell them how you feel, and offer to share your RawVegan meal with them. Step by Step.

When going to a dinner party, just bring a colorful fruit salad, or salad like the recipe below for a raw corn and sauerkraut salad, which will be great at the pool party, etc. to share with your friends. People may ask you questions but how we answer them doesn’t have to be stoic talks about factory farming, pollution, or the chronic disease epidemic. Just share with them how good you feel, or better yet bring extra to share, or invite them over to share a meal with you.

Some of the best advice I have gotten has been from my teachers David Life, Sharon Gannon founders of Jivamukti yoga, Dr. Gabriel Cousens and Shantih Cousens founders of The Tree of Life, and Dr. Robert Morse founder of the International School of Detoxification. They all share that we should just mind our own business. We are responsible for ourselves and the busy-ness within our own minds. Don’t worry about if people feel uncomfortable about how you eat. Your confidence will grow as your body heals from inflammation, immune disorder, etc. People in your life will become inspired when they see your life working for you.

The healing and health benefits of eating a raw vegan diet will over time become noticeable to your loved ones. They will observe your weight loss, clear skin, clear eyes, increased energy, and your more relaxed state of consciousness. This will then spark their interest. Allow them to ask you more about your lifestyle and share with them your experience, and all the delicious recipes you enjoy.

At first it may be overwhelming to create a menu, learn how to shop and store your produce. You will get the hang of it and really begin to enjoy the whole experience of preparing and feeding your body. There are several of us who are sharing recipes, and tips on how to maintain the lifestyle, as well as, tons of published peer reviewed journals and books confirming the healing and health benefits to motivate you on this journey.

You don’t have to feel alone. There are many of us who have transitioned to plant based diets that are sharing tips, recipes and encouragement. If your friends and loved ones really care about you they will support you and your decision. It will open up other ways to connect to your social network. Instead of going out to dinner, you can explore other activities, like going for a hike, watching the sunset, going swimming, skateboarding, to an art class, etc. Our social connections do not have to be focused around eating. This may create greater connections with your friends and loved ones as you get to know more about each other and shared interests.

Have fun! Eating raw foods is colorful, flavorful, and provides the body with enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and incredible energy to support the purification of the nervous system, which like the practices of yoga inspires consciousness and joy. There are so many textures and tastes and beautiful recipes to engage your senses. When we are enthusiastic and positive about this lifestyle, and non-judgmental our friends and family will accept and continue to invite us to the dinner table, especially if we bring recipes like this one below to share!


Raw Vegan Corn Salad

This recipe is delicious and will leave you feeling completely satiated. Raw corn is sweet, soft, juicy, and a little crunchy. It is incredible without cooking. Just cut the corn right off the ear. This recipe is so simple. It takes just minutes to prepare, yet tastes gourmet! For the dressing just juice a clove of garlic and mix into the salad, top with some dehydrated dill. You can add as much chopped olives, cherry tomatoes, and sour kraut as you like. Enjoy! Increase ingredients if sharing with more than one loved one.


Ingredients (serves 1-2):

 1 ear of Corn

1 Avocado

Cherry Tomatoes (handful chopped)

Sour Kraut

Green Olives (handful chopped)







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