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We are a Resonance

Our body, our being, our spinal cord, and our nervous system is like an antenna, a satellite. We receive all that is coming in. We have to feel it because we are on a path to something. It is vital to our health that we learn to listen and respect all that is coming in. We are a resonance. We must bring consciousness to our resonance.

We are constantly being fed with sources of inspiration. Whether it comes from the world, from our community, our culture, our relationships, our past, or our desire for our future, it is important to bring mindfulness into how we metabolize these things. If we are interested in a happy life, we must purify our nervous system, and become responsible for our resonance.

We Learn Through Being In Relationship

Most of us are in a co-dependent, and dysfunctional relationship with our mind. Most of us are unconsciously creating excessive and psychological reliance that is dependent on our identification to our thoughts. This is a one sided relationship. The mind should not be relied upon for our self-esteem, and for self-identification.  This is abusive.

True self confidence comes from the connection to the inherent self, which nature is, joy, peace, and love. Begin the psychotherapeutic process that clears the lens of perception, revealing to you, your inherent nature, which lives in each and every cell of the body and lives within the mind, and it’s every thought. Strive to dis-identify first with the thoughts of the mind that are unconscious and not serving in order to begin to co create with the mind. We start this through cultivating the art of observation. The art of mindfulness. We begin to observe the mind think.

Usually we observe that the thoughts are either governed by our past, our memories, our perception of our memories, our emotional storage, attachments, etc., or our thoughts are governed by our desires or fears about the future. Both of these goverences are not grounded in reality. Reality is only true in the here and now moment. There are infinite possibilities of outcomes. We have to bring our mindfulness to how our present reality and resonance is being guided by these things of past, or future. And then we have to ask ourselves if that is even real. If that is even true for us, or the vibe we would like to co create with.


With out humility, understanding is not truly possible. The beginning of knowledge is humility. Humility means that one should not be anxious to have the satisfaction of being honored by others. The material conception of life makes us very eager to be honored by others.

Yoga says that the entry point to enlightenment is humility. Being humble symbolizes that we are willing to learn something new. Yoga inspires us, to be uncertain, to be humble, is to have the power to change. When life humbles us we have a choice to take it, to be humble, to change, and it is something to celebrate.


What will get us to what we want is our growth. We will get it when we are ready for it. Manifestation requires the use of our imagination and our intention. We have to be creative to imagine what it is that we want. When disconnected from our imagination most of us are just focused on survival and the manifestation of things for our comfort. When we really get into the art of manifestation it is important to be clear on what it is that you want and to align your thoughts, and behaviors towards that. Consciousness is important.

Sometimes we manifest things that we don’t want but we have an underlying energy, thought and emotion that is negative. It is important to work on emotional healing to assist in the cleansing of our cells. Yes, we store our thoughts and emotions in our cells. Our minds and our emotions are the most powerful tools to creation of experience. It is our thoughts and our emotions that inspire our desire to create. Our body is the vehicle for our awareness and our awareness is the collection of all our thoughts, all our emotions, all of our karma.

Free Will

Yoga says that we all have free will. We create our own karma. This is the most loving thing the creator of all could do for us. We get to learn about our selves and our true nature on our own timing. We get to naturally come to freedom. We get to do it, and this is the whole essence and journey of our human experience.

We should be mindful on how we allow for the free will of others to naturally unfold. Yoga says if we infringe on the free will of other beings then we too are operating from the space where we feel confined and controlled. If we can relax into the experience and side step our need to control what is happening, and learn to calm our own nervous system we will find the energy becomes softer, we can find the freedom.

Hot Yoga: Physiological and Psychological Benefits to Adding Heat and Humidity to Practice

There are so many dimensions to the practice of yoga. Often there are no words to describe the reason we keep going back to our hot yoga classes. It is just something we begin to feel. There is such a sense of cleanliness once showered and nourished with fresh water after the practice. To people who have never gone to a hot yoga class, they may think it sounds like torture to stay 90 minutes in a room heated to 115 degrees and up to 40-50 percent humidity. To the disciplined hot yogi there are days when we may want to scream, pass out, lie down, or leave the room.

Knowing why we are doing what we are doing can be of great benefit and motivation when we are exhausted, drenched in sweat, and about only half way through the standing balancing series. The heat and humidity puts our bodies into physiological responses that are of incredible healing benefit. The mind is also stretched in the practice revealing many psychological benefits.

Yoga a Platform for Activism

My yoga teachers and fellow activists David Life and Sharon Gannon share that most people think yoga is an exercise class. They don’t see it as an underground community for activism and a platform for political change. The government just thinks we are all just a bunch of hippies getting together to stretch our bodies and minds, and do not see the growing yoga community as a threat. This is a good thing. Yoga is about shifting perception. What is realized in the attainment of yoga is the interconnectedness to all beings and all things. Yoga is a journey to disentangle self from the material miseries and to come into action of service. The yogi begins to see the soul spark in everyone and everything. The evolution of the practice awakens the devotion and desire to uplift the lives of others, and to do all that we can to serve.

The Bhavagad Gita discusses how we can get so entangled in ignorance to the truth that we start to think that we are the main controllers, creators, and enjoyers of the manifest reality. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Yoga states that although we are part and parcel of the Divine, which resides in each heart, we must stay humble, in devotion, and service.

Being a part of the human community in America it is evident that the well being of our environment and communities are under attack by corporate interest. Corporate desire to create more wealth and the behavior towards creating more wealth has put society, safety, nature, and human health at risk. Government has neglected ethics and values in public policy, and has silenced the community.

Being RawVegan Doesn’t Have To Be Weird. Recipe Included.

Eating Raw Vegan doesn’t have to be lonely, or obsessive, or weird to our friends, co-workers, or loved ones. It can be very inclusive and non-judgmental. If you find you are getting made fun of or teased, just hold your head up and keep your heart strong. If you find yourself getting emotionally engaged with animal rights and activism while your co-worker or lover is eating a turkey sandwich, relax! This is not the way to approach our meat eating loved ones. Let go of the judgement. It will just cause discomfort, disconnection, and turn others off. It is hypocritical, if we are choosing this diet to become more peaceful and then allow ourselves to get all worked up.

Reclaiming Your Intuition

Have you ever gone against your own intuition? How did that work out for you?

Have you ever felt so numb to your internal signals that you didn’t even sense what your intuition is communicating to you? Or have you ever consciously overthrown your own intuition for your desire to be loved and accepted? Maybe you overrode your intuition hoping to prove that you were a perfect match for a partner, a job, a community, rather than sensing and questioning if the relationship, job, or community was a good match for you. Please remember there is nothing to prove in love and acceptance, and that true love and acceptance must begin within. We must start with ourselves.

Moving Beyond Disappointment

There is an excitement in imagining opportunity manifest. When opportunity arises and we truly believe ourselves to deserve it, we start to see and feel ourselves experiencing what it is that we want. We imagine it so completely we begin to engage our senses. We may even start to communicate to our friends that it is “happening!” Then we get the notice that we were not chosen.

It is disappointing.