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We are constantly presented with choices. What do I want to eat? Am I even hungry? Do I need this or that? Should I resign the lease? Should I stay in this relationship? Should I stay another year with my job? Etc. Our choices will determine our reality of the here and now. The here and now is really all there is. Commitment to the moment helps us to make good decisions. Staying grounded in the here and now will assist in the ability to choose consciously. Some choices can cause us to become ungrounded. Some choices expend incredible amounts of energy. Yoga reminds us that it doesn’t have to.

When we hesitate to act we dull our energy. When we jump into a decision without clarity we set ourselves up for the consequence of that choice. We must make our decision with clarity and then act. When we make a choice, be that choice with all your energy, with your action, with your word. Show up and follow through. When we approach our life with commitment, we set our selves up for the best outcome.

When emotionally entangled with a decision it is important to clear the energy. If we act according to the escalated vibration we may not like the inevitable reaction. If you are struggling with would of, should of, stop. Stop, listen, and feel. Take a time out and meditate, walk in Nature, search for the answer within. Don’t make a big deal about it. Don’t drag your friends down with the back and forth. Listen, choose, and hold the choice energetically.

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