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Tapas: Growing Personal Power: The Practice of Discipline

Tapas: Growing Personal Power: The Practice of Discipline

Tapas is the third of Patanjali’s Niyamas (personal observances), in Sanskrit it is heat, transformation, austerity, discipline, and the burning up of impurities. It is related to the Solar Plexus chakra, Manipura, which element is fire. Fire is the most transformative element. To cultivate more personal power, inner strength, and self confidence it is important to practice Tapas.

Will power will grow if you decide to do something and do it. Will power will decrease if you decide to do something and don’t do it. We work our will power just like a muscle. We have to train for it.

Reflect on the multitude of promises made to your self. Did you follow through? Are you following through? Will you follow through? When we follow through on our promises it cultivates our personal strength. When we do not follow through on our promises we diminish our personal strength, self esteem, and will.

Commit to yourself, honor yourself, honor your promises and you will see growth. To develop Tapas start easy. Start with things you know you can accomplish. For example, wake up and drink a glass of water every morning, or smile to a stranger in public.

Once we start to build our Tapas we will be have the inner strength to accomplish grander tasks, such as overcoming addictive behavior, negative thinking patterns, low self esteem. Discipline is required to conquer self-hatred. When cultivated Tapas develops passion, and the fierce discipline to stay committed to Yoga, which nature is joy, peace, and love.

When we practice Tapas it is important to set the intention. The intention is why we dedicate ourselves. An intention is not an expectation. It is different. An intention feels good and sweet, it has a kind resonance. Where as an expectation feels tense and rigid.

The more we build the Tapas, the more able we are to come to peace.

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