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RECIPE for Yoga

RECIPE for Yoga

Remember that you now call the shots in your life. You are totally empowered to affect what ever change you desire for your life. You are a resonance and a co creator. You can have everything you desire for your life. You just have to know that with your whole being.

The mind is the most powerful tool.

When the thoughts of the mind are unconscious, they can cause all sorts of problems. Usually most of unconscious thinking is not even real. It is usually governed by our past, or our fear/desire for the future.

Right here, right now is the only true reality that will remain with us throughout our existence.

Here is a recipe I learned from my teachers and from my experience with yoga:

Step 1: OBSERVE the mind think. Don’t judge. Become an impartial observer

Step 2: If what you observe is not serving you, SHIFT PERSPECTIVE. Shifts in perspective is MAGIC

Step 3: Discipline your FOCUS. Stay positive. You are a Resonance. Become responsible for your resonance. Things that can help discipline focus: Yoga, Meditation, Mantra, Ritual, Nature, Keep company with high vibes, exercise, breathing exercises, music, etc.

Step 4: CO CREATE with your thoughts. Physical Change follows Energetic Change. Create the energy first to manifest what you desire in the physical. Know thatyou are living now the causes to create the effects of life, so live now the causes to create the effects you DESIRE.

If you identify with yourself as a soul then you see others as souls, and souls love one another. It is easy for souls to love one another. The Universe is a manifestation of the One. And the Oneness is inside the soul. This soul is our real self. The ego is who we think we are and the soul is really who we are. Soul comes from One, from God, and we are All spiritual beings visiting humanity.

Every one does the best that they can according to their karma, experience, preparation, the moment, etc. FORGIVING is a form of selfcare, holding on to any negative imprints is just doing a disservice to our self. We even have to forgive ourselves for those we have hurt, and remember we too were just doing the best we could.

Inhale: Think “LET”

Exhale: Think “GO”

Breathe deep, let go, and think positive!

I think stuff like this:

I am Love, I am Light, I am Bliss Absolute in a beautiful, healthy, dynamic body. I am joyful in all aspects of my life. I am cherished in my relationships. Abundance comes easily. 

I think a lot about God. Whatever that is. I find a Divine mood in the Mystery!

Remember our challenges are gifts awaiting to become strengthened. They guide us towards our greatest powers.

You can do anything by these Powers:

1.     Power of Cooperation

2.     Power of Love

3.     Power of Friendliness

4.     Power of Meditation

5.     Power of Silenced Mind and Fearlessness 

Misunderstanding is the source of all problems. No understanding is better than misunderstanding.

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