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We are a Resonance

We are a Resonance

Our body, our being, our spinal cord, and our nervous system is like an antenna, a satellite. We receive all that is coming in. We have to feel it because we are on a path to something. It is vital to our health that we learn to listen and respect all that is coming in. We are a resonance. We must bring consciousness to our resonance.

We are constantly being fed with sources of inspiration. Whether it comes from the world, from our community, our culture, our relationships, our past, or our desire for our future, it is important to bring mindfulness into how we metabolize these things. If we are interested in a happy life, we must purify our nervous system, and become responsible for our resonance.

We must understand our resonance. The rise in autoimmune issues and chronic disease is not just related to our behavior, or exposure, it is also correlated with our ability to manage stress. It is important to establish boundaries to sources of inspiration that are not serving us. It is important to let go. To not let energy get stuck causing us stress. Sometimes we must unplug in order to plug back into the good sources of positive, clear, spiritual energies.

Bring attention to the present moment where all of life is happening. Know that the only true reality is the right here, right now, moment, to moment scenario of life. Disengage identification with fleeting external sources. Do not allow negative energy to get stuck. Move it through, and fill up with love. We do it on purpose.

So many are searching. Searching for meaning. This just brings us further away from discipline to be with true self. Everything needed for a meaningful life is inherent. It is within. Do everything you can to keep the vibe uncontaminated, and conscious with the timeless inner essence. Don’t get so distracted about what everyone else is doing. Give yourself permission to enjoy your precious life.

There is value in each moment. By trusting the value in each moment we give our selves the permission to be happy, and to be free.  

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