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A Sense of Adventure

A Sense of Adventure

Yoga reminds us that having a human birth is an awesome opportunity! In the eyes of God it does not matter if you are physically beautiful, or materially rich. Yea it’s maybe some good karma, but what we do with the life we live is how we approach freedom for not just us, but for all.

The superficial is not important to the yogi. The connection to cosmic consciousness is important. Consciousness is connection. Through the practices of yoga the body will be its most beautiful, yet as yogis we are most interested in the quality of consciousness. Life is limited. Take good care of your body so you can become conscious.

Yoga allowed me the consciousness to remember that my body is limited. It is something I remember, as I give thanks each morning when I awake from sleep. It is what inspires me to explore, and gives me the strength to be myself in the world.

I value courage. It’s not about being perfect. It’s about self-awareness. It’s about the journey of the practice, the art of showing up. Albert Einstein told us that to create the reality we want we must match the frequency of the reality we want. It is actually very simple. Everything is simple when you break it down. Everything I have done has led me to this moment, and to be a writer about Yoga and consciousness.

We are going all the way with ourselves. In Yoga we get to go direct to ourselves. We don’t have to go through anyone else to know ourselves. And we must get to know ourselves, if we are interested healing, health, and enlightenment. We must heal to experience enlightenment. Be brave. Face the darkness. Face the Light.

Why is it so hard to shift perspective?

What is your relationship to change?

Change is taught to us through Nature. More time connecting with Nature will reveal to us that shifting perspective and moving through change is natural, and it is something all life and all existing experiences. Change is not something to fear, it is something to celebrate. When we experience change we get to learn something new.

We create our own challenge when we resist change. Usually challenge is a measure of our resistance to change, and our resistance to show up to the present moment, especially if it is uncomfortable.

Yoga may have a stigma, but that is because of all we are exposed to. And many who haven’t committed to the practice can make their assumptions. That is the beauty of free will. Yoga should be approached humbly, because once conscious there is no going back to unconsciousness. Yoga is becoming popular, and it will survive, because it heals us. It heals our relationship to our body, mind, relationships with one another, and our relationship with all life, all existance, everywhere.  

It doesn’t matter how old you are, what the current condition of your body is in, etc. You can begin the practice of yoga right now. It is always now to do our best. Do your practice of yoga, on and off the yoga mat, as if God is watching. Make the connection to the mystery available within each asana. There is a teacher in each asana. The teacher is you.

For example, when we go upside down in poses like downward facing dog, we literally shift our perspective up side down. We are purposely taking unconscious action like the breath, the movement of our body, and our thoughts and making it conscious. This is a transformative shift of perception.

Our transformation takes time. Putting it all together takes time. Don’t get ahead of yourself, don’t rush, or be in a great hurry. Stay in the moment. The moment contains the experience you need to have. Live this moment fully present. It is the way to get to the next moment. Nature is patient. Don’t forget we are connected to Nature. The seed spark of consciousness takes nurturing. Engage naturally. A farmer knows the seed will not grow to her plea of now. She just is now and nurtures the moment to grow her garden.

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