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Mindfulness Practice

Mindfulness Practice

Mindfulness theory is the practice of increasing mindfulness and decreasing mindlessness. Mindfulness theory is acceptance towards the ever-changing world, with the goal to increase cognitive flexibility, unconditional self-acceptance, and to decrease self-evaluation, social comparison, and rigidity. It simplifies and honors the interconnection of all perspectives and theories by focusing on being present to the now experience. Practice of mindfulness theory not only allows one the capabilities to observe multiple concepts but to also shift behavior and cognition based on the concept of the present moment. When one mindlessly acts according to a limited and single perspective, behavior will become automatic, and when one attaches to a single perception they become committed and rigid decreasing opportunity, authenticity, and creativity.

Mindfulness theory and the practices of yoga are in support of the cognitive behavioral theory, which is that through conscious self-study a person can cognitively choose to adapt their behavior according to the present moment. When perception is coming from mindfulness a person can choose to see the positive value of the present situation and take it as an opportunity for growth of body, mind and spirit. Perhaps the most important aspect of mindfulness theory and cognitive behavioral theory is that the individual takes responsibility for their state of being, decisions, and perceptions.

We can live now the causes to create the effects we truly desire in life.



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