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Breathing Techniques- Practice

Breathing Techniques- Practice

Choose your seat. Find a comfortable upright position. Ground down through both sit bones equally. Set up the connection to the Earth. Stack and create space between each vertebra. Reach up and lengthen through the crown of your head. Bring your attention to your breath.

Allow a couple rolls of the shoulders to release any tension, stress. Then have the shoulders relax and squeeze shoulder blades together to open the heart.

Breathing Technique #1: Victorious Breath

Begin to equalize the depth, duration and volume of your inhales and exhales.   Keep the breath moving in and out of the nostrils. The nostrils filter the air we take into our body. Slightly constrict the back of the throat. This will create an oceanic rhythm and sound to the breath.

When you inhale you are sending fresh oxygen into your blood supply to nourish all cells, organs, tissues and systems of your body. When you exhale you are releasing carbon monoxide and oxidative stress. Chronic stress disrupts our optimal functioning. Exercising the Breath has been scientifically researched to reduce stress. It supports homeostasis.


Engage mind in this thinking.

Inhale: think “Let”

Exhale: think “Go”

This is helpful. When we let go, we allow the present moment our full attention.

Breathing Technique #2: Alternate Nostril Breath

Alternate Nostril Breath is a breathing technique that assists in balancing the Right and Left Hemispheres of our brains. The breath travels via the nostrils and intersects at the Pituitary and Pineal Glands to reach either the Right or Left Hemisphere of your brain. (Left nostril correlates to the Right Hemisphere of the brain. Right nostril correlates to the Left Hemisphere of the brain). This breathing technique stimulates the prefrontal cortex of the brain, which has been scientifically researched to have a positive effect in Hormone balance, Cognitive Function, and calming the Nervous System.

Always begin and end this breathing cycle with the Left nostril.  Why?  Because we are trying to open up the Right Hemisphere of the Brain, which is responsible for intuition, expansiveness, Love.

Exhale, prepare

Right thumb plugs the Right nostril

Inhale-Left Nostril (6 seconds)

Release Right nostril.  Close Left nostril with the Right ring finger

Exhale-Right nostril (6 seconds)

Inhale-Right nostril  (6 seconds)

Right thumb closes Right nostril, release ring finger from the Left nostril

Exhale-Left nostril  (6 seconds)


Inhale-Left nostril

Exhale-Right nostril

Inhale-Right nostril

Exhale-Left nostril






Perhaps increase the duration? (10 seconds, 12 seconds, 20 seconds?) Add Retention? Remember; always balance the breath in depth, duration, and volume.

Breathing Technique #3: Kundalini Breath

Exhale prepare.

Inhale through an open mouth. Create a vacuum sensation to the breath you take into the body.

Close the teeth



Love, Light and Bliss Absolute!


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