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Did You Know: Cellular Inflammation is a Major Cause of the Increasing Chronic Disease Epidemic?

Did You Know: Cellular Inflammation is a Major Cause of the Increasing Chronic Disease Epidemic?

Before anyone can offer you help in healing inflammation, it’s important to understand the problem. Many diseases and chronic illnesses stem from systematic inflammation. Over time chronic inflammation wears out the immune system and can show up in a myriad of diseases and symptoms.

We are now facing an increased dis-ease epidemic, with chronic diseases such as diabetes, autoimmune conditions, arthritis, asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, osteoporosis, obesity, heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, etc. People are sicker today with chronic conditions than ever before. The death and disease incident rates over the last century have significantly changed from infectious to chronic. Most chronic diseases stem from cellular and systematic inflammation. Inflammation goes chronic when there is persistent stimulus. The challenge with chronic disease and inflammation is that it is almost always correlated with lifestyle.

Inflammation upsets the delicate balance among all the major systems: endocrine, central nervous, digestive, cardiovascular, and respiratory. In a healthy body these systems communicate with each other. With chronic inflammation that communication becomes distorted. Cellular inflammation is the initiating cause of chronic disease because it disrupts hormonal signaling networks throughout the body. The defense system becomes so overwhelmed and confused it literally doesn’t know the difference between the invader and you. Autoimmune issues develop as the immune system attacks it’s own tissues. Signs and symptoms of inflammation include swelling, muscle and joint pain, fatigue, redness, stiffness, immobility, depression, brain fog, anxiety, neuropathy, and diabetes.

Chronic inflammation destroys an otherwise beautiful technology. Most of us are suffering from inflammation, disease, and disorder but have no idea how to eliminate inflammation. It often seems extremely foreign to most people when they realize the majority of inflammatory diseases can be reduced through the diet and lifestyle.  Poor daily lifestyle choices are the root of chronic inflammation.  How much exercise you get, what you eat, drink, think, (stress about), etc., when not in proper balance can create inflammation in your body.

Decreasing toxins by wisely choosing your grocery store list, hygiene products, cleaning products and green building materials can assist in healing and restoring your immune system. Some other things you can do to decrease systematic inflammation include eating more plant based, nutrient dense whole foods, which are high in non-allergn proteins, quality fats, and low in grains and simple sugars. The Standard American Diet (SAD) is ever increasing in poor quality fats, high sugar, food additives, and processed foods. Processed foods have the same addictive biological responses in our bodies as most narcotic drugs, as they activate the brain reward system. People have developed tolerances and cravings, experience binges and withdrawals from sugars, caffeine, fried, salty, and processed foods. Just like narcotics, processed foods interrupt the functioning of all systems of our bodies. They can even alter our serotonin levels, which also are significant in depressive and sleep disorders.

Stress and exhaustion are both causes and symptoms of chronic inflammation. If you are healing and restoring your body from inflammation it is important to get plenty of rest and sleep, and to do all that you can to reduce stress in your life. Yoga, meditation, time in Nature, breath work, therapy, and daily exercise are all good options. Some ways to support better sleep are limiting caffeine after noon, getting natural sunshine, avoiding large meals, too many liquids, and drinking alcohol late in the evening. It is also good to incorporate regular exercise, and turning off electronic devices and light sources a few hours before retiring to bed.

You can also support your body with probiotic whole foods such as sauerkraut, kimchi, miso, microalgae, and coconut kefir. Taking breaks between meals gives your gut a chance to digest and clear bacteria from your body. Drinking plenty of water assists in supporting the digestive system and reducing inflammation. It is recommended to drink half of your body weight in ounces, or until urine clears.

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