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We Learn Through Being In Relationship

We Learn Through Being In Relationship

Most of us are in a co-dependent, and dysfunctional relationship with our mind. Most of us are unconsciously creating excessive and psychological reliance that is dependent on our identification to our thoughts. This is a one sided relationship. The mind should not be relied upon for our self-esteem, and for self-identification.  This is abusive.

True self confidence comes from the connection to the inherent self, which nature is, joy, peace, and love. Begin the psychotherapeutic process that clears the lens of perception, revealing to you, your inherent nature, which lives in each and every cell of the body and lives within the mind, and it’s every thought. Strive to dis-identify first with the thoughts of the mind that are unconscious and not serving in order to begin to co create with the mind. We start this through cultivating the art of observation. The art of mindfulness. We begin to observe the mind think.

Usually we observe that the thoughts are either governed by our past, our memories, our perception of our memories, our emotional storage, attachments, etc., or our thoughts are governed by our desires or fears about the future. Both of these goverences are not grounded in reality. Reality is only true in the here and now moment. There are infinite possibilities of outcomes. We have to bring our mindfulness to how our present reality and resonance is being guided by these things of past, or future. And then we have to ask ourselves if that is even real. If that is even true for us, or the vibe we would like to co create with.

It is simple to grasp this intellectually, but rare to embody. It is rare to truly embody complete presence. We are a resonance and once responsible for our resonance we can let go. We can let go of the emotional entanglement, the co dependency and abusive relationship with our perceptions. We can believe something of a higher resonance and all it takes is a shift in perception. I learned this from my yoga teachers, David Life and Sharon Gannon, founders of the Jivamukti Yoga lineage.

If we observe our self getting stuck in an abusive consciousness, how fast can we move through it, and not let that energy get stuck? We do not want to be guided unconsciously into action. That is risky behavior. Sometimes the action is not our best, but we were just doing the best that we can. Please remember everyone is doing the best that they can in the moment according to that moment, their preparation, their karma, etc. So if we observe our self-obsessing just observe the mind obsessing. And then wake up and stop participating emotionally.

We must train for this and humble our self.  My yoga teachers told me that being humble is something to celebrate. For humility, is the opportunity. The opportunity to learn something new, and in this life school, on the soul level, it is always something to celebrate when the soul learns something new! It’s why we came here. Don’t doubt your soul. We are enlightened when we remember this. You can free your soul while living. You can live soulfully, even when your best sucks. It’s just how long are you willing to hold that low vibe? Just like we won’t survive very long if we hold our breath, our consciousness won’t survive very long if we hold our thoughts.

May all experience freedom of attachment to preference. It is okay to have preferences. But when we attach our inherent nature to our preferences we are creating our own suffering, and the suffering of others. Remember you are a resonance. We must observe, and then through constant observing, stay awake. Freedom from the attachments to our preferences allows for the transformations of our personality. We become more peaceful, more generous, more compassionate, more present, etc. We become impartial to the outcome. We keep letting go.

Connect to the aspect of you that does not change, the aspect of you that is beyond your body, beyond your mind, beyond your thoughts, and beyond your emotions. Do this to serve, and to get closer to God. Do all you can to awaken your ability to love right now while living.

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