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Reclaiming Your Intuition

Reclaiming Your Intuition

Have you ever gone against your own intuition? How did that work out for you?

Have you ever felt so numb to your internal signals that you didn’t even sense what your intuition is communicating to you? Or have you ever consciously overthrown your own intuition for your desire to be loved and accepted? Maybe you overrode your intuition hoping to prove that you were a perfect match for a partner, a job, a community, rather than sensing and questioning if the relationship, job, or community was a good match for you. Please remember there is nothing to prove in love and acceptance, and that true love and acceptance must begin within. We must start with ourselves.

Yoga reminds us that the actual external experience is a reflection of the inner resonance. Yoga states that we will continue to draw to us experiences to bring awareness to the bound unconscious patterns keeping us from true connection, trust and joy. Yoga is full of metaphor. Yoga is a science. Yoga is a psychology.

The sanskrit word Asana (yoga posture) literally translates to; relationship or contact. The practice of yoga is not just for the maintenance of health in our physical body. To be truly healthy and of vital resonance we need to also take care of our emotional, mental, and spiritual health. Yoga is a path for creating connection. When we become disconnected from the relationship to ourselves we forget our role in co-creating our experiences, relationships, work, etc. It is an easy thing to do, becoming disconnected, even when we have committed to mindfulness. We must continually commit to free ourselves from the low resonances of anger, jealousy, and fear

Yoga is an intuitive practice. It brings us back to feeling and trusting our intuition. When we feel disconnected, how do we reconnect? There are many paths for healing, mindfulness, and self care. Where they merge is true freedom. Yoga is a thorough path. Yoga is about making contact. It is a practice we need to come back to again and again to establish intuitive awareness. I remember my yoga teacher Sharon Gannon telling me that through repetition magic arises. Through repetition we can shift our perspective. In the practice of yoga we can resolve all relationship back to joy, right on our yoga mats! It can happen in an instant. It can happen in a Warrior pose, a headstand, meditation. The practice of yoga will guide us back into the relationship with ourselves. It will guide us back to the knowing of ourselves. It will bring us back to feeling whole and complete, the space where we are wanting and seeking nothing. It can create an absolute refuge of peace and joy.

From this internal refuge we begin to trust ourselves and reclaim our intuition. In this space we create a high vibration of resonance which will guide and protect us through all the stages and phases of life, experience, and through the eventual and inevitable impermanence.

Yoga is an opportunity to see our role in engaging with emotional and mental strongholds that are no longer serving us. It creates an opportunity for us to let them go. It is a transformative and mysterious commitment to bring the unconscious to the conscious for cognitive behavioral change. It is natural. The shift of coming back to self love and awareness will reflect in our actions and uplift our life, as well as, the lives of others.

Most of us will express that our deepest drive is for meaning, which is not a tangible quality. Make a personal contribution towards peace. Show up to the inner landscapes and trust your intuition. It is perhaps the most meaningful thing we can become apart of.

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