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Moving Beyond Disappointment

Moving Beyond Disappointment

There is an excitement in imagining opportunity manifest. When opportunity arises and we truly believe ourselves to deserve it, we start to see and feel ourselves experiencing what it is that we want. We imagine it so completely we begin to engage our senses. We may even start to communicate to our friends that it is “happening!” Then we get the notice that we were not chosen.

It is disappointing.

To move through disappointment without allowing the decline to cause us low self esteem or despair is challenging. How did this happen when we were already experiencing it through our nervous system, our mind, even through our senses? We were already planning our future around this! WTF?

With a focused perspective we can accept challenge as important. Challenge teaches us our capacity, our boundaries, our resilience, our passion. There are many disappointments life provides; job loss, getting dumped, failing a test, losing our ground, death, participating in an unhealthy behavior, etc. It becomes a measure of endurance to keep striving for what we are hoping to accomplish.

Allowing ourselves to feel disappointed is important for keeping momentum. When we feel disappointed it signifies that we are passionate with what we are seeking. That passion is good! It will give us the energy to keep striving for our goal. The human heart is resilient if the perspective is focused. If we experience failure and we try, and try, and try again, we create movement. Don’t shrivel up and stop trusting. That will stop opportunity. Strive forward with a patient endurance.

All is in movement.

It’s funny how imagination can create anticipation to the point where the mind starts visualizing and sensing a future outcome that doesn’t even exist.

Disappointment stems from possibility. It is possible, but it is also not possible. What is possibility? Possibility is something that may happen or may be the case. It is not a guarantee. If it is a possibility, it means that there are alternative outcomes. When we presence ourselves in mindfulness we realize that there is never a guaranteed outcome. There are multiple possibilities in every thing at every moment.

Showing up to disappointment, feeling it, and holding our own in the energy is vital for health. Most of us avoid what is uncomfortable at any cost. Feelings if buried alive, will never die, and may dim the light in our enthusiasm towards life itself.

Misunderstanding is the source of all problems. Why do we take a disappointment, or a series of disappointments personally thinking of our self as the failure, or not good enough. We create all sorts of dangerous assumptions to try to explain to our minds why.

Life is going to have many unanswered whys. How we show up to the unanswered whys is the lesson. When we hit the wall, what do we reach for? When we fall down, how long do we wallow there? What is it that motivates us to stand back up, to pull ourselves up over the wall?

Nothing is given to us without reason. It is our job to find what the reason is. So much of our lives right now are about cultivating our abilities to move the mountains within ourselves.

Disappointments if not resolved in our hearts can blind us. How many times do we walk through our lives with goggles on blinded by our pain, our disappointments, or past circumstances? This can actually shape the way we experience the world!

As yogis we search for the lessons that keep us in bondage. We challenge disappointments to be exposed so we can bring the process of freeing ourselves from their influence.

Keep pushing back the limitations placed around yourself and invoke a greater relationship with your self that is not jaded by circumstance.

You deserve the best in life and you owe that to yourself. No one else is going to do this for you. You do it.

Be strong.  Move on.

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