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Benefits of Legs Up the Wall Pose

Benefits of Legs Up the Wall Pose

Here’s a yoga pose that most of us can do, and that has incredible health benefits. It’s not fancy, but it is worth highlighting. I practice Legs up the Wall pose most evenings for about 20 minutes before bed. Besides my seated meditation, this is perhaps my most practiced yoga position.

Since stress is one of the biggest causes to unrestful sleep, I experience this yoga pose to be an important support for calming my mind before bed.

Not only does this position bring relaxation by calming the nervous system, it has many other notable benefits that may inspire you too to incorporate it into your daily health care regime. We can create a retreat sanctuary in our own homes and routines.

Legs up the Wall pose improves circulation, and reduces inflammation. It gets the body’s vital lymphatic system working. The Lymphatic system is the body’s sewer system, helping the body to release toxins from the cells and bloodstream. Remember, that cellular toxic overload is the root cause to all major disease.

This relaxing pose improves digestion by exercising the muscles of the digestion system, even flattening the belly and strengthening the abs.

Through relaxing the nervous system, our tissues get more oxygen, which results in reducing muscle tension and pain.

Being in an inverted pose will strengthen the heart muscle, as it needs to work harder to keep blood circulating into the legs and feet.

Fresh blood moving into the brain increases brain function, memory, and mood.

So not only are you able to sleep better, but you awake more restored and refreshed.

You can practice Legs up the Wall pose at any time in the day. Maybe consider a 5-10 minute practice on your lunch hour, or before a presentation. You can share this practice with your family and incorporate breathing techniques, listen to soothing music, etc.

When we nourish ourselves with time to relax and restore, we can show up better to our service in the world.

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