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Crossing the Sea of the World

Crossing the Sea of the World

Whatever comes to pass is all right.

Presence can be constantly felt. All the shocks and blows cleanse and purify us. We keep emptying self to fill with love. No sticky possessiveness, just miraculous expansion.

This is the time when we can allow our light to increase and in turn illuminate a new paradigm. What is to give light must endure burning.

It requires presence. We must presence ourselves in our lives. We must presence ourselves in every single moment!

If we loose presence we become vulnerable. We become vulnerable even to the things we think we want, just about everything.

What is everything? Everything is nothing but a vibration of molecules. It does not require explanation when felt. Can we begin to think less and feel more? It is like being in love with someone. When you love someone it transcends any description. It is not necessary to describe. It is just felt.

Feel self as energy and relate to the world as energy.

Learn to sit with energy. As yogis we learn to sit with energy without becoming reactive. We learn to take our seat and hold our own. We show up.

Attention without tension.

We become comfortable with intimacy.

It takes some of the tension out of life to remember the body is only temporary. We are in the body for life, and we won’t get out alive.

Why do we forget?

We all translate according to our own mind. The mind is dependent. It creates all sorts of stuff. Get over the mind. Change the mind, life will follow. Shifting perspective is a magical art, and necessary if we desire happiness and a balanced life.

Be damn fearless! You are going to have to face the darkness. You are going to have to face the light.

God is thorough. How quickly do you get up from the unanswered whys? What do you grab for when you get up?

If you find a source of light, Hold!

Engage naturally. Don’t rush.

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