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Depression and Anxiety: It’s the Now or Never Calling.

Depression and Anxiety: It’s the Now or Never Calling.

Depression and Anxiety: It’s the Now or Never Calling.  By: Shannon Connell, Health Psychology

Depression and Anxiety maybe aren’t disorders of mind, rather disorders of focus. It is the chance to surrender and heal soul wounds. And why is it not socially acceptable to take a few days to rest and restore in preparation for change? To such degree you need a Doctor’s note to take some time off from the rat race, and relationships feel threatened? Socially, most are conditioned to find joy in other’s company. Media boast about all the parties, and travels. What about the company you keep with yourself? Depression isn’t healed with medication, or avoidance through social escapes. Research supports that medications make depression worse.  Depression is healed with love, loving self, and taking the time and space to explore soul wounds to heal.

When you are feeling depressed or anxious, it is your spirit trying to communicate to you. It’s the now or never calling before manifestation comes to physicality through the body. The soul is screaming for attention and is exhausted from being ignored. It is in desperate need of perspective, and discernment. It is best for soul to come to realization on its own time, yet we need social constructs to support such time. We need, as a culture, to allow for that space. The soul deserves rest, attention, and meditation. It’s just like when an athlete is injured, they must rest.

When the soul is injured, it must rest. Health crises arise from the constant floods and chaos of the social world. The majority of dis-eases are physical manifests of soul wounds. Isn’t it a preventative health measure to take care of the soul? So why isn’t our society designed to allow for this? Why are Health Psychology and Soul Psychology not integrated in the current health care model? This is a social issue that can awaken and heal. Is the current social perspective in need of a new model, a new paradigm?

How to switch gaze? How do we love self through to something better? The polar shift opportunity for change starts with loving your self enough to ask yourself if this is something a person, who loves self, would do? Focus is important. It is sometimes all you can do to keep balance. The practice of yoga demonstrates that balance is the point between effort and surrender.

There are so many metaphors within the yoga teaching. Sharon Gannon said that through repetition magic arises. This is true.  All the years of practicing yoga and meditation have set, all levels and layers of, my being, to be present with myself on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. Yoga brings together.

Yoga has helped me through the most challenging times of my life, addiction, break ups, poverty, illness, heartbreaks, anxiety, and depression. It just works. It gives me the opportunity to choose my focus. It helps me to define my desire, and to set my focus towards my desires. To establish boundaries, and to set my limits as to what I am willing to experience to get to my desires. It is a practice that inspires me to health. Anxiety and depression is a serious warning sign to show up, ground, and clear. All you asked for is coming. Be brave. Let go of what’s in the way.

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