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Did you know Regular Cleansing is Important for your Health? By: Shannon Connell, Health Psychology/RawFoods Educator

Did you know Regular Cleansing is Important for your Health? By: Shannon Connell, Health Psychology/RawFoods Educator

No matter how conscious and active we are in our health regime and lifestyles, environmental toxins inevitably find there way into our bodies via multiple pathways such as; the food we eat, air we breath, water we drink, etc. It is unavoidable. Cleansing offers us the opportunity to actively participate in our wellness, clearing ourselves of dangerous toxins, assisting our skin, kidneys, liver, bowels, etc. in transforming and excreting toxins. Unfortunately, without cleansing maintenance, our bodies become saturated and unable to keep up with our current environmental pollution crises. Thus, toxins become stored in our body’s tissue, fat, and organs.  Resulting in not only physical disturbances but mental disturbances as well, such as increased vulnerability to stress.

There are study correlations between environmental toxins and cardiovascular disease, breast cancer, lung cancer, birth defects, respiratory disease, anxiety, and depression. Studies confirm that environmental toxins can alter the way genes express themselves. Epigenetics is a field of research that is interested in how environmental pollutants such as pesticides, industrial chemicals, synthetic-hormones, diet, behavior, and even thoughts can change gene expression.  Research supports that if environmental pollutants were decreased, there would also be a decrease in human illness and diseases.  Actively participating in the health behavior of regular cleansing for toxin overload is an important ingredient of the preventative health recipe.

When cleansing the body one may experience detox symptoms similar to narcotic and alcohol detox, as sugar is found to be more addictive and detrimental to body functioning than cocaine. Yeast overgrowth in the intestines can also cause fatigue, depression, insomnia, acne, digestive diseases, and anxiety. Having support during cleansing can assist in knowing what to expect, support in getting through the initial stages of cleansing, and education to motivate and help in understanding just how incredible the body is in it’s recovery to health.

The human disconnection to their responsibility as protectors of the Earth is the root cause to our current effects of environmental pollution, chronic disease, population increase, war, and the current condition of an individualistic human consciousness that expresses itself as greed, insecurity, and fear. Industrialization, technological advancement, globalization, and the increased consumption of processed and animal foods have been not only correlated with the current chronic disease epidemic and environmental crisis but to the increased levels of human stress and fear. The greatest paradox of our current health and environmental crisis is that it is of human origin.

We live in a stressful environment. It’s unavoidable in our modern society.  With technology growing and moving at what seems like the speed of light, keeping up with social commitments, trying to create time for yourself, re-center and focus on what is really important, it can all be very overwhelming.  One way we’re able to counteract that stress is to make the choice of giving our bodies what they truly desire, and that is nutrient dense foods that help you adapt to an ever changing environment, on a Macro and Microcosmic level.  Cleansing our bodies invites slowing rhythms to seek, listen and feel the true natures of our spirit and desires.

Through consuming whole, organic RawFoods, we teach and give our bodies the advantage of becoming more efficient at adapting to stress and environmental toxins on a cellular level.  As we purify our bodies, our minds and hearts purify in sync, and our spirit realizes it’s interconnectedness to All beings and things, and resets into the passion for protecting Nature, and body.

For support in cleansing programs and regimens, RawFoods support, recipes, and ideas reach out through the contact page via www.shannonconnellhealth.com.

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