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Limitation is Due to The Mind.

Limitation is Due to The Mind.

Everyone looks at things from their own viewpoint. There are multiple truths, multiple perspectives, based on the perception. This shows not only distinctions in perceptional experience, but also distinction of one mind’s view from others. The mind perceives from its own experience and preparation.

Self forgets itself by relating to mind and body. As humans, we eat, breathe, love, and die within our physical forms. So it makes sense we associate with the physical. Our experiences within the physical create much of our mind stuff. But we are so much more! True Nature becomes imbued with the belief that it is limited to the body, and starts to think of itself as a product of cause and effect, time, a particular family, society, nation, planet. Thus, the soul gets shut out from true life.  Limitation is due to the mind. When this is realized the psychological self can reach beyond the things of the mind.

When mind is dedicated to self-analysis through practices like yoga, it begins to realize that the Be-ing it occupies is so much more than body, than mind.

Yoga Psychology reminds us that individuals come and go, thoughts come and go, experiences come and go, but the solar system, the stars, and the planets remain.  May we not bend to fear in spaces our mind deems too large for comfort. May we be open minded and available to perceive who we truly are.  May we be willing to understand one another, and come together to react to challenge in a new way.  Seeing hope, as our challenges highlight, All that is awaiting to become strengthened.  Attitude is Everything!

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