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The Psychoneuroimmunology of Stress: Acute and Chronic

The Psychoneuroimmunology of Stress: Acute and Chronic

Research by: Shannon Connell

Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) is a field of research that deals with the interaction of the central nervous system, the endocrine system, and the immune system, and how these systems can be altered through behavior and stress. The immune, nervous, and endocrine systems communicate to maintain health. PNI is interested in the effects of thoughts and emotion on immune functioning. Stress affects the entire being, nerves, cells, tissues, and systems of the body. Stress if held, can disrupt nervous, endocrine, and immune system functioning resulting in “dis-ease” of body and mind.

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Yoga Teacher Training Tutor/Mentorship

Shannon is qualified to operate her own Yoga Teacher Trainings and is developing programming currently.  She has participated in over 1,000 hours of Teacher training herself, and has been teaching yoga full time for over a 14 years.  Her practice extends beyond what is observed in public view, and her understanding of yoga and it’s discipline is tip top.

Yoga Teacher Trainings can be incredibly packed with out much support or mentorship outside of the classroom.  Shannon has spent hours answering YTT student’s questions and supporting them in their transformation.  Teacher trainings are also discerning of who they will accept into their programs, based on physical abilities, etc.  Shannon is willing to coach students through safely modifying their yoga practices, so as to allow them the confidence and practice participation required for yoga teacher certification.

Shannon will assist you in sequencing, finding your voice, and adapting the asana so that you can participate safely in receiving your required yoga class hours, etc.  If you are challenged in conceptualizing a theory, or are needing to practice your teaching and receive feedback and coaching, or tutoring in projects and assignments, Shannon can help.

Same rates apply for private yoga sessions

60 minutes-$150

90 minutes-$200

$5 per minute fees if sessions extend beyond 90 minutes.  Fees are subject to change via commute, etc.

Agribusiness: Why did humans abandon their job to protect Nature? By: Shannon Connell


The unethical practices of food production and its transportation, packaging, and sales are the major contributors to the environmental and health crisis humans now face (Lappe, 2010). This becomes evident as the U.S. Federal government offers only 3% of annual funding to public health interventions in disease prevention and community health education (Schneider, 2006). The depletion of soil, water, and air along with the production of low nutritionally content foods and their consumption are major contributors to environmental pollution and to the current chronic disease epidemic, known as Syndrome X (Monat, Lazarus, & Reevy, 2007). Corporate control of our food supply has not only created a disconnection to Earth and Spirit, but has created a capitalistic overtaking which is inconsiderate of human and environmental well being (Hammers, 2002). There is interconnection between stress and cortisol levels, eating behavior and food choices, human health and environmental health (Epel, Lapidus, McEwen, & Brownell, 2001). Understanding the interconnectedness between all beings and all things is a vital realization for conflict resolution.

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Yoga for Stress Reduction and Injury Prevention at Work

Every day, employees cope with various forms of stressors on the job. Increased risk for psychological and physical disorders may be due to work related trends such as working in repetitive and monotonous tasks, performing in a fast-paced environment, and or fearing a layoff during an unstable period in the economy. Psychological stress can be induced by extremely low or high demands on the individual and is a typical situation of many simple and repetitive work situations, in which health problems are common. This has innumerable health and financial implications for both employees and employers. Low job satisfaction and little variation in job task are significantly associated with back and shoulder pain. The majority of headaches people experience are tension headaches resulting from contraction of neck and shoulder muscles. Carpel tunnel and arthritis are associated with the repetitive strain from spending greater amounts of time at a computer. Job stress also can lead to burn out, and mental health challenges such as depression and anxiety.

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More About Yoga/Mindfulness and Private Sessions

Mindfulness theory is the practice of increasing mindfulness and decreasing mindlessness. Mindfulness theory is acceptance towards the ever-changing world, with the goal to increase cognitive flexibility, unconditional self-acceptance, and to decrease self-evaluation, social comparison, and rigidity. It simplifies and honors the interconnection of all perspectives and theories by focusing on being present to the now experience. Practice of mindfulness theory not only allows one the capabilities to observe multiple concepts but to also shift behavior and cognition based on the concept of the present moment. When one mindlessly acts according to a limited and single perspective, behavior will become automatic, and when one attaches to a single perception they become committed and rigid decreasing opportunity, authenticity, and creativity.

Mindfulness theory and the practices of yoga are in support of the cognitive behavioral theory, which is that through conscious self-study a person can cognitively choose to adapt their behavior according to the present moment. When perception is coming from mindfulness a person can choose to see the positive value of the present situation and take it as an opportunity for growth of body, mind and spirit. Perhaps the most important aspect of mindfulness theory and cognitive behavioral theory is that the individual takes responsibility for their state of being, decisions, and perceptions.

We can live now the causes to create the effects we truly desire in life.


Private and Semi-Private Yoga sessions

Required phone, or Skype Consultation for first time clients prior to scheduling. Possible rates apply if extends beyond 5 minutes.   All consults will be scheduled via email request.

Consultation ensures proper and creative sequencing, and development

60 minutes=$150

90 minutes= $200

$5 per minute fees if session goes over time.

Fees are subject to change based on commute and space.  If renting out studio space clients are responsible for the studio rental fees.  Savings will result with package programs.  Shannon reserves the right to chose who she works with.  If additional research and accommodation is required, rates will reflect energetic exchange.

Shannon is happy to accommodate your questions, physical abilities, and yoga interests. For example if you are interested in learning about the chakras, Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads, The Eight Limbs, etc.

If you are wanting to create your own workshop for your friends, or Yoga Teacher Training support these services are also available.

Breathing Techniques- Practice

Choose your seat. Find a comfortable upright position. Ground down through both sit bones equally. Set up the connection to the Earth. Stack and create space between each vertebra. Reach up and lengthen through the crown of your head. Bring your attention to your breath.

Allow a couple rolls of the shoulders to release any tension, stress. Then have the shoulders relax and squeeze shoulder blades together to open the heart.

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