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What will get us to what we want is our growth. We will get it when we are ready for it. Manifestation requires the use of our imagination and our intention. We have to be creative to imagine what it is that we want. When disconnected from our imagination most of us are just focused on survival and the manifestation of things for our comfort. When we really get into the art of manifestation it is important to be clear on what it is that you want and to align your thoughts, and behaviors towards that. Consciousness is important.

Sometimes we manifest things that we don’t want but we have an underlying energy, thought and emotion that is negative. It is important to work on emotional healing to assist in the cleansing of our cells. Yes, we store our thoughts and emotions in our cells. Our minds and our emotions are the most powerful tools to creation of experience. It is our thoughts and our emotions that inspire our desire to create. Our body is the vehicle for our awareness and our awareness is the collection of all our thoughts, all our emotions, all of our karma.

The stronger our emotions, the stronger our karma, and the stronger the experience will be. Knowing this is vital for manifestation. We can use our thoughts and our emotions to work for us and to help us to manifest what we desire. We just have to be present. Our mind works with images, so use the imagination. Imagine what you desire, perfect health of your body, happiness in your relationships, happiness in your home, your job, money coming easily to you, etc. Get excited about these imaginations, and stimulate the emotions and the subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind wants to be stimulated, and it will guide intuition and action. Purposely stimulate the subconscious mind with positive emotions and energy. The subconscious mind wants to work with you and it will support you with the energy charged by the emotions you embody. So if you are unaware of this and you are constantly charged with negative emotional stimulus, your subconscious will support you in creating more action, and energy to support your negative vibe. 

Get it. Got it. Good.

Surround your self with the energy of what you want to manifest, let the emotions be the drive towards your success. Stimulate the positive emotions. What we create mentally and emotionally manifests physically.

During the process of manifestation, strive forward with patient endurance, stay focused and positive, holding strong to your image of desire, to your imagination. There may be challenge as you ground your vision into reality, but hold your own with the energy. It is just a test to measure your faith, your commitment to hold positive. Let all things from the past go, and enjoy every now moment for what it is. Keep your heart open by staying close to the emotions and thoughts of love, happiness, peace, health, abundance, and joy.

Come back to the child like joy of being in the moment, with wonder and excitement and play. Release the mind controlling you and the emotions of temptations and desires of the material world of possession. Don’t let the mind and emotions control you, unconsciously. Be conscious, and lead the mind and the emotions to assist you in creating and manifesting what you desire, in creating the bliss and happiness and health of experiencing God in the moment.

Support your self through the detoxification of your thoughts and emotions, by purposely detoxifying your body. Cleanse, purify you diet, fast, sleep, have more time in Nature, to support the release of the toxic overload in your cells. We store our thoughts, emotions, toxins, everything in our cells. Do everything you can to heal your nervous system and your glandular system.

When we are in a heightened stress response, psychoneuroimmunology proves, our anxiety will over whelm us, we will not be available to cope as well, we will be less focused, less available to work with the healing process of our emotions to really get to the fun stuff, like manifesting our dreams. The health of the physical body is necessary for the health of the mental and emotional body. The health of the physical body is necessary for the ascension to our spiritual body.

Yoga is a thorough means to purify our physical body and to build the energy to purify our diet, our company, our focus, so we can do the deep cleaning of our karma. So we can manifest our dreams and visions for a meaningful life.

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