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Free Will

Free Will

Yoga says that we all have free will. We create our own karma. This is the most loving thing the creator of all could do for us. We get to learn about our selves and our true nature on our own timing. We get to naturally come to freedom. We get to do it, and this is the whole essence and journey of our human experience.

We should be mindful on how we allow for the free will of others to naturally unfold. Yoga says if we infringe on the free will of other beings then we too are operating from the space where we feel confined and controlled. If we can relax into the experience and side step our need to control what is happening, and learn to calm our own nervous system we will find the energy becomes softer, we can find the freedom.

This is why it is so important to love unconditionally, to stop putting conditions on our love. There is nothing to prove in love. Love, and the nature of love flows everywhere.

We must be mindful in how our life affects the free will of others. Please see how our behavior can cause suffering or happiness for others, others meaning humans, animals, and nature. This will get to the root of suffering. As my yoga teachers shared, yoga is radical, it gets to the root, and as radicals we are interested in getting to the root.

When we are willing to learn new things, when we have a sense of adventure, we give our selves opportunity, we shift our perspective, and we start to break up old patterns of behavior. We drop the attachment to control and separation. We open our energy and become humble, which is the entry point for enlightenment.

In the yoga practice this can take place with learning a new pose. We can choose to try it, or to not try it. If we choose to try it and try it again, we keep ourselves open. When we finally succeed in the pose we create more inner strength and personal will, it ensures us that we are safe when we try new things, and it helps us to break up our attachments, our fear of the unknown, and we start to break up addiction and routine. This will free us.

Honoring the free will of others can be challenging when it triggers emotional escalations with in our own being, yet on an energetic level, this is an opportunity to heal deep seated emotional and mental strongholds within us, so we can discontinue the looping of drama. The karmic play will continue to loop until we are willing to see and admit our role in it, and when we are willing to feel all the emotions with out engaging in a cross fire. When we begin to see that we on some level created this for our own awakening and freedom, we can begin to relax in the ebb and flow of our life’s drama. Soon we build the confidence to completely disengage in emotional entanglements with other characters in our life play, and find refuge with in our selves. It is not that we don’t feel. We actually feel more. We feel more and think less, we feel more and project less, and we feel more and escalate less.

When we cultivate emotional integrity we confidently hold our own, we don’t need to drag others down with our dramas, we become self-reliant. When self-reliant we are ready to assist others. If you are a healer, therapist, or yoga teacher it is very important in how we show up to assist one another, and that we honor each individual’s free will. We cannot tell anyone what to do, or how they feel, we can only motivate through asking questions to inspire self-reflection, conclusions, and healing. This is the only way to ensure that there is true healing.

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