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The Desire to Heal

The Desire to Heal

The desire to heal comes from one’s spiritual reservoir of grace. A heart rhythm of a healer is set with compassion and mercy towards mankind. The healer grieves for the burdens of men until open to grace and receptivity to the guidance of the Holy presences.

Through prayer, meditation, yoga, Reiki, detoxification, fasting, etc. the illuminative body develops healing action and insight into the needs of others, and becomes an instrument of healing light and love.

When the healer has built a body of light and love one enters experience with higher faculties and quickens the pace of evolvement, overcoming heavy soul karma, and qualifies to receive unending spiritual sustenance.

Healers need no announcement in the world. They just are. Their soul grace divinely appoints the environment where most will benefit and seek them out. The unrest in the emotions and egotistical thoughts move painfully against the soul’s desire for peace and will direct those to guidance towards the sacred keys to be released from pain and suffering.


Gently close your eyes. Hold love in the heart (10sec)

Visualize Light stilling the thoughts on the third eye level (10sec)

Raise the Light to the crown of head. Hold the Light steady.


Beloved Angels speak to my Angels.

Let me Hope

Let me Love

Let me be Peace

Remind me of the joy and renewal of the Light and Love.

Let my pain go free

And let the true Light enter into my heart and mind.

With complete conviction and faith, give Thanks.

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