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Emotional Intelligence: We don’t owe anyone our happiness.

Emotional Intelligence: We don’t owe anyone our happiness.

We don’t owe anyone our happiness. Pursue your goals. Suffering is the belief that what is happening is not supposed to be happening.

To heal uncertainty we allow ourselves to stop fighting what is happening and bring ourselves into presence with our feelings.

We live in an environment that does not teach us emotional intelligence. So we set boundaries and walls to avoid feeling how much life hurts. Because feeling the emotional body is painful. It is hard to look at because most of us have never looked at it before, and were not in a safe environment/culture to feel. Most of us are too busy, or too insecure to really look at what’s within.

Breaking the Boundary includes surrounding ourselves with good people, and healthy mirroring.

Walls for safety and security to protect ourselves were set up to help us survive in the current culture. The walls are coming down. May we soften to the emotional aspects of showing up and being here, right now! We can thank the walls for the protection we may of thought they offered us at the time of construction.

Many of us succumb to the individualistic culture. Where we isolate, where the desire is to hide due to the inability to cope with the world. We don’t admit that when engaging with the world it often appears surreal or even cruel. How do we fight for focus of the good? It is a fight. The hardest battle ever fought.

There is currently a challenge with authority. The self inner authority is in conflict with the environmental authorities of power.

The good news is that matter changes. Feelings change, stories change, perspectives change in an magical instant. It is so tough to record and lock something into the greater grid. We can change. Physical change will follow energetic change.

Tips for perceptional shifts: Ask for help, tell the truth, explore your feelings, set new boundaries.

What is it that you desire? To be healthy, to be joyous in all aspect of this life, to love yourself? Take the actions towards this, and set the limits to all that is not supporting your desire. Do self love rituals! Try to reconnect with your feeling self. Start the communication. Make the contact.

This may seem tough for so many right now as there is no sense of safety for most. Most are in survival mode, just trying to stay afloat of the systems in place. As an activist you may have to work harder, be disciplined, and understand that true freedom lies within.

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