Most of us are too busy, too ambitious, or too stressed to take a time out, and pause, to become receptive to the insight inspired in the empty moments. The fast pace of life, if you let it, clouds clear realization into knowing our capacity, which may in turn cloud our ability to be realistic about our efforts. Many of us are biting off more than we can chew, feeling overwhelmed, and wiped out. Routine becomes an enemy of time, obligation an enemy of spontaneity, busyness an enemy of awareness. Many of us awake and wonder where the time has gone, where our health has gone, where the sparks of joy, creativity, and sanctuary that bring us back to life has gone. Stop!

Awareness requires space.

It requires space to empty our minds, open our hearts, and free our spirits. Each of us brings certain gifts and talents to this world. The act of creating the space to bring our True Nature to expression is a gift we get to give back. The gift of our True Nature is definitely something to “in-joy” while it is here, and not something we want to miss out on. Accomplishment and quality of life are enhanced when we give, what we came here to give. So many people are even unaware of their talents. Please, set up the space. We are waiting for you!

Insight and guidance will come naturally. Energy underlies everything. Feel yourself as energy. Relate to the world as energy. Space through observation lets us get underneath it (the whirling of the mind) into the energy. Real space is beyond thought. Space is the doorway between the individual life and the Cosmic. When you make contact with the thoughtless reality, everything is different. Here is where we can open dreams to new possibility. Here is where the answer to our inquiries, are discovered.

We need the space, don’t compromise that. Create the space to set up the awareness. Creating space assists us in living alongside a life that makes sense. We cannot count on anyone else to make sense of our lives for us. We either will find balance in our lives, or the balance will find us. Set the bar in life so that you are always growing, always learning, always present, and never desensitized to the beauty of being alive right now. Real grounding, real space, real awareness is always simple, always humble.