This can be an uncomfortable subject as it has to do with our behavior.  Choosing a vegetarian diet is not only an act of self-love, but also an action of environmental stewardship.  Many clients communicate that on a spiritual level they desire to be a vegetarian, but in the past when they have attempted a vegetarian lifestyle they experienced discomfort (fatigue, break-outs, etc.)

As a psycho-therapist and health coach, Shannon can assist in meal plan development to ensure proper nutrition consumption and assimilation, education to support adherence to a new nutritional commitment, and spiritual coaching to assist in the psychological blocks and cultural conditioning issues that will arise.

So much of our family gatherings, traditions, and holidays are centered around eating animals.  Shannon offers several tips to clients so that they can participate socially with confidence and grace.

All clients will receive an Ayurveda questionnaire and counseling to support meal planning and transition.  As we know Corporations are involved in the publication of research related to eating animals and the personal and global effects of the SAD diet.  Research into the physiological effects of eating animals is banned from most Scientific Journal Publications, thus the development of the Union of Concerned Scientists, etc.  The greatest way we can create a sustainable future is literally at the end of our forks and it needs to start with education.

Anahata chakra symbol

Shannon works in a supportive, nonjudgmental way.  She does not believe in feeding blame, shame or guilt, this is an outdated paradigm.  She is guided to offer vegetarian coaching services to support willingness and movement towards change.

We are all doing the best that we can with the technology we’ve got.  Shannon has a gentle and supportive way of encouraging willingness in behavior modification, and is positive you will experience greater health and quality of life.

This is a service program that requires several meetings of health coaching, education, research, and individualized planning, etc.

Fees vary based on individual, services, and to reflect energetic exchange.  Programming will be proposed for contract agreement after intake evaluations.

$40 required client intake evaluation, includes Ayurveda questionnaire.

Fact:  It averages 660 gallons of water to produce 1 hamburger!  Please view for more statistics of the environmental and human health costs of animal agriculture business and consumption.