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The Five States of Mental Activity

The Five States of Mental Activity

Patanjali, author of The Yoga Sutras, shares that there are five states of mental activity. They are understanding, misunderstanding, memory, sleeping, and imagination. Patanjali says that these five states of mental activity may, or may not, cause us suffering. Patanjali reminds us that our essential nature is often hidden due to the activity of the mind, and that we will experience yoga when we are able to settle the mind and connect with our essential consciousness.

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What I learned working in a Psychiatric Hospital

I spent a year working in a Psychiatric Hospital post graduate school, and I had seen and learned all that I will as a Mental Health Counselor. I remember my yoga teacher Sharon Gannon stating that we all do the best we can in each moment according to each moment. I am proud of myself to state that I did my best. I did good! I was in a full time position with the Adolescent Unit, working with children the ages of 12-17. I also worked (what I would consider) too often on the Adult Intensive Unit, with adults who were diagnosed psychotic. My job was to keep people calm, keep people alive, prevent violence, and promote stabilization. I was also a leader of daily psychotherapy and educational groups. Most patients came from the ER post suicide attempt, or transported from the police station.

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Imagination Explorations

Patanjali, author of The Yoga Sutras, shares that there are five states of mental activity; understanding, misunderstanding, memory, sleeping, and imagination.  Imagination seems to be a challenging mental activity for those of us raised and living in our current cultural, social, educational, and economic system.  Or so we remember.  How often do we as adults imagine, like we did as a child? I remember my childhood imagination explorations including faeries, castles, mythical creatures, dances, romances, flying, time traveling, body swapping, etc.

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Yoga Teacher Training Tutor/Mentorship

Shannon is qualified to operate her own Yoga Teacher Trainings and is developing programming currently.  She has participated in over 1,000 hours of Teacher training herself, and has been teaching yoga full time for over a 14 years.  Her practice extends beyond what is observed in public view, and her understanding of yoga and it’s discipline is tip top.

Yoga Teacher Trainings can be incredibly packed with out much support or mentorship outside of the classroom.  Shannon has spent hours answering YTT student’s questions and supporting them in their transformation.  Teacher trainings are also discerning of who they will accept into their programs, based on physical abilities, etc.  Shannon is willing to coach students through safely modifying their yoga practices, so as to allow them the confidence and practice participation required for yoga teacher certification.

Shannon will assist you in sequencing, finding your voice, and adapting the asana so that you can participate safely in receiving your required yoga class hours, etc.  If you are challenged in conceptualizing a theory, or are needing to practice your teaching and receive feedback and coaching, or tutoring in projects and assignments, Shannon can help.

Same rates apply for private yoga sessions

60 minutes-$150

90 minutes-$200

$5 per minute fees if sessions extend beyond 90 minutes.  Fees are subject to change via commute, etc.

Breathing Techniques- Practice

Choose your seat. Find a comfortable upright position. Ground down through both sit bones equally. Set up the connection to the Earth. Stack and create space between each vertebra. Reach up and lengthen through the crown of your head. Bring your attention to your breath.

Allow a couple rolls of the shoulders to release any tension, stress. Then have the shoulders relax and squeeze shoulder blades together to open the heart.

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