1. Proteins DO NOT Combine with Starches!

This rule heads the list as being the worst of the dis-ease-producing habits. If you know anything about the facts of digestion, you’ll realize that there’s no way this combination will ever digest. What about meat and potatoes, hamburgers, sub sandwiches, meat pizzas, macaroni and cheese, hot dogs and all? Take for example the hamburger-the meat is a protein and the bread is a starch. It takes a series of acid digestive juices to digest the protein and a series of alkaline digestive juices to digest the starch. Did you ever burn yourself in chemistry class with acid and were told to apply an alkaline to neutralize the acid!? This same result is what happens to the digestive juices in the stomach when you eat a protein and a starch together. They neutralize themselves and NO DIGESTION IS THE RESULT. If it doesn’t digest properly, it rots in our stomachs! This is when you get the TUMS, feel the acid reflux, have horrible gas, etc…

Any soaked nuts, grains and sprouts (all proteins) combine very well with any leafy green produce. The same is true for any protein. Add leafy greens and you have a good combination.


Avocados combine well with all starchy vegetables and grains.

Legumes combine fairly well with grains.


  1. Fruits DO NOT Combine with Starches!

The digestion of fruits requires hardly any time at all in the mouth and stomach, while starches require most of their digestion time in the mouth and stomach. The fruit sugars are quickly absorbed into the intestines while the starch requires digestion in the mouth and stomach. Starch is the only food that begins to digest in the mouth with the enzyme Ptyalin. If the fruit sugars are held up in the stomach while the digestion of starch continues, the food will rot. Fruits and Starches will always be a problem when combined and eaten together. The rule of thumb, when eating fruit is-eat fruit as a fruit meal.

Fruits DO NOT COMBINE with Proteins!

Once again, fruit sugars are absorbed directly into the intestines, and the protein requires time digesting in the stomach. If the sugars are held back in the stomach while trying to digest the protein, the food will rot. There is an exception to the rule-Avocados. Avocados combine well with acid and sub acid fruits AND there is enough oil in seeds and nuts (raw and soaked) to prolong the protein digestive gastric juices in the stomach while the fruit sugars of acid fruits and papaya are absorbed into the intestines. BE WISE – Your health is your greatest treasure. When you have it, you have everything. When you don’t, nothing else matters.

3.  Fruits DO NOT Combine with Vegetables

An easy way to remember this is that FRUITS are CLEANSERS and VEGETABLES ARE BUILDERS. Do NOT combine fruits and vegetables. No way can you build a house and clean it at the same time. Tomatoes are considered a fruit and are an exception to this rule along with apples (in moderation) and papayas.

  1. Eat Melons Alone or Leave Them Alone-OR YOUR STOMACH WILL MOAN!

Melons combine with no other food! They are in the simplest form and require not much digestion time at all in the stomach. If they are held back in the stomach of 104° while digesting anything, they WILL ROT. Put a piece of melon outside in the sun of 80° or 90° and watch it rot before your eyes. Eat melons alone or leave them alone.

  1. Acid Fruits DO NOT Combine With Sweet Fruits

No exceptions to this rule!!

  1. Desert the Desserts!

When you eat sweets, even fruit, after a meal, you foul up your digestion process and your food rots. Bacteria turn the foods into Alcohols and Vinegars and NO DIGESTION is the result.


The Bottom Line is: The strength of a person lies not only in the foods they eat, but also their persistence in eating foods for optimal digestion and assimilation of nutrients.