Yoga Teacher Training

Shannon is qualified to operate her own Yoga Teacher Trainings and is developing programming currently. She has participated in over 1,000 hours of Teacher training herself, and has been teaching yoga full time for over 20 years. Her practice extends beyond what is observed in public view, and her understanding of yoga and it’s discipline is tip top.

Yoga Teacher Trainings can be incredibly packed with out much support or mentorship outside of the classroom. Shannon has spent hours answering YTT student’s questions and supporting them in their transformation. ¬†Teacher trainings are also discerning of who they will accept into their programs, based on physical abilities, etc. Shannon is willing to coach students through safely modifying their yoga practices, so as to allow them the confidence and practice participation required for yoga teacher certification.

Shannon will assist you in sequencing, finding your voice, and adapting the asana so that you can participate safely in receiving your required yoga class hours, etc. If you are challenged in conceptualizing a theory, or are needing to practice your teaching and receive feedback and coaching, or tutoring in projects and assignments, Shannon can help.

Same rates apply for private yoga sessions

60 minutes-$150

90 minutes-$200

$5 per minute fees if sessions extend beyond 90 minutes.  Fees are subject to change via commute, etc.

Shannon Connell