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Student to Teacher/Class Connection Services

As an intuitive counselor, experienced yoga student, and teacher I am aware of this:

In order to experience a successful disciplined yoga practice, we must resonate and feel inspired by our teachers. Unfortunately, a simple personality clash can repel a student from ever coming back to the mat. I strive to assist in connecting yoga students to yoga teachers for mutually beneficial experiences.

“Different Strokes, Different Folks.”

Some of us may prefer the spiritual education a yoga teacher may offer, some of us may prefer a more technical guided approach, some of us may prefer hands on assisting from our teachers, some of us may experience stress if touched. Some of us may prefer an eccentric yoga teacher, while others of us may prefer a more, quiet and careful teacher. Some of us may prefer a more power-based approach some of us may prefer a more restorative approach. We may prefer large class sizes, heated environments, or smaller class sizes, cooler temperatures. We may be a never-ever practitioner, or an experienced practitioner who desires to connect with a Sanskrit teacher, etc. Maybe you want coaching to find the perfect Teacher Training Program, or maybe you are traveling to the area on business or retreat and want to have a specialized reccommendation.

I offer a service of connecting students to teachers, kind of like yoga matchmaking.

This service requires a personal consultation, and intake evaluation that addresses personality, present physical condition, and practice goals.

Through this service I will provide simple and effective recommendations and classes that reflect client’s personal evaluation, neighborhood location, schedule, etc. within the Denver/Boulder areas.

Most of my career consists of being a student. I truly believe it is essential that, we practice what we teach, and I am humbled that I may not be a teacher you will resonate with, that there may be a more qualified teacher for your condition (ex. Pre-natal/Post-natal), or our schedules simply do not sync. Thus, I hope to support your yoga practice, interests and efforts, and provide you with a detailed evaluation, and match you with a local yoga teacher(s).

1 hour personal consult with a personalized list of suggested teachers, studios, and or contacts for private instruction (allow a 48 hour response time for report).

Energetic Exchange- $250, consults can be held over Skype, email, or through an office consultation. Rates are subject to change based on energetic requirements.

*Yoga Teachers/Studio owners, etc. if you want to be on my radar for your teaching talent, message me an invitation/guest pass to one of your classes.


Shannon Connell