Yoga Class Videos

Warrior Flow Sequence 50min.

Class starts with breathing technique and builds to a vinyasa flow warrior sequence. The last 20 min of class guides floor postures for strength building of the spine, core strengthening and deep hip stretching. This video has not been edited. Please add some time to your practice post video for an extended savasana, and/or seated meditation. This is an intermediate (physical exercise level) yoga class video. Knowledge of yoga postures and experience with Vinyasa Yoga Level 2 classes recommended.

Jivamukti Backbending Class 75min.

Class goes through traditional Jivamukti Yoga sequencing, sun A/sun B flows, prayer twist to twisted lunge, side leg lifts, moonrise, spine strengthening poses, fixed firm, frog, camel, bridge, full wheel, plow, fish, etc. This class guides intermediate/advanced postures and inversions (headstand/shoulderstand). Please have discernment and take good care of your body.

Vinyasa Level 2 50min.

Begins with alternate nostril breath, and kundalini breathing techniques, goes into Jivamukti sun A, intermediate sun B flow from a crescent lunge. Standing sequence includes; warrior 2, extended side angle, triangle, twisted triangle, pyramid, etc. Lots of deep twists, and hip openers! No edits, class flows through a full savasana.

Shoulder Opening 50min.

Class focuses on several shoulder opening postures such as anahata asana, threaded needle, blossoming lotus, bounded twists, camel, plow, shoulder stand, fish, etc. Class begins with a mandala sun A flow, and a sun B flow with humble crescent lunge.

Vinyasa Level 1 50min.

This class starts with a breathing technique, samavritti (box breath). There is only one simple sun salvation, and the majority of the class is slow, and deep floor postures. Yoga poses focus on spine strength, hip and shoulder opening, spinal twists, and forward folds. There is a Yin yoga sequence that stretches into the tendons and muscles of the feet. This class is great for practitioners new to yoga and for practitioners that are seeking a more relaxed practice.

Pranayama: Breathing Techniques and Benefits

This video shares philosophy, anatomy, benefits, and technique demonstrations of several pranayama (breathing exercise) practices: Ujjayi (Victorious Breath), Sama Vritti (same as) breath, Kundalini breath, Bhastrika breath, Kapalbhati (Breath of Fire), Nadi Shodhana (Alternate Nostril Breath), etc.

Shannon Connell