For a Healthy Lifestyle

There are many paths; often, where they converge, lies the treasure of healing.

My goal is to provide education, leading research, and technique to assist you in becoming independent and inspired in a healthy lifestyle. I will work with a few candidates a month in the comforts of your home. Two weekly home visits of two-hour durations, which will include yoga instruction, juicing / nutritional coaching, and guided stress reduction/healing techniques such as Reiki, Mindfulness Meditation, guided breathing, and therapeutic coaching. Clients will also be provided with several resources for self study/inspiration, online communication and support through Skype and emails.  This program is for clients who are serious about making healthy lifestyle adaptations.

I will design an individualized program just for you, based on Psychology, Ayurveda science, nutrition, and therapeutic yoga research, and your current state of being.  As an MS graduate in Health Psychology, I focus my research and coaching services on Cognitive-Behavior Change, and Mindfulness Theories. I have found in my own life experience that education and understanding, has been the driving force for healthy, successful, and consistent positive behavior modification.

Program Rate

$1,200 / month **
**additional fees include:

  • Organic produce for juicing
  • Travel expenses if commute exceeds 15min

Program Overview

  • 4 weeks of personalized coaching
  • (2) – 2-hour meeting sessions per week, total of 8+ personal meetings (16+ hours)
  • Homework consisting of research, progress reports, and active participation in fitness and nutritional routines.

Each meeting will include:

  • Yoga instruction / exercise
  • A healthy juice and recipe, nutritional coaching including product education, food combining, meal-plan with Ayurveda scientific influence.  Participants will complete an Ayurveda questionnaire, and intake evaluation.
  • Stress reduction and healing through guided meditations, Reiki, intuition, psychotherapy, and breathing techniques.
  • Psychotherapy to support cognitive behavior changes, positive self image and esteem.

Target Market clients are in the local Boulder / Denver metro area, people who are interested in adapting lifestyle action towards greater health, longevity, and increased quality of life.

Required consultation, intake evaluation, and goal setting meeting – 30min- $40. This includes Ayurveda questionnaire completion, and personalized intake and evaluation. Programs are flexible to adaptation and rate changes will reflect energetic exchange. This is a referral-based program with limited clients to ensure appropriate support and attention to each individual case.  Clients will also be asked to participate in qualitative research design studies.  Participants will receive a lot of good information and support just during the initial consult.


Shannon Connell